How to Increase Vertical Jump at Home

Are you an athlete? Do you want to know how to increase vertical jump at home? If your answer is yes to one, or both questions; this is what you should be reading: you’ re definitely in the right place. When you’re done, hopefully, your vertical jump should have increased significantly. I’ll try to be a friend and advise you to stay the course: don’t quit half way when it get a bit challenging. Now, that’s off my chest, let’s continue.

As you already know, the vertical leap is one of the best power indicators in sport. And if you’re an athlete, it is imperative that you develop this skill ASAP, if success in your chosen field means something to you. Fortunately, this is a step-by-step guide. I’d be unhelpful to beat around the bush. So, let’s dig in.

First things first, get an accurate reading of your current vertical leap–this will help in your progress report. You can get a loved one to help out with this; it will be much easier than to do the measurements yourself (which could be inaccurate). Now that this is out of the way, move to the next to-do item on the list.

Secondly, you should perform the first phase strength exercise. This is meant to build your muscles. You should be subtle, if you’re new to this. Some of the exercises you should be doing here are squats, calf raises, lunges, and deadlifts, You can do this with your body weight. But it will be preferable if you use equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands.

You know how to do squats, right? Make sure your torso is kept straight

when you lower yourself. This exercise should be varied as you take a step forward and to one side to perform lunges. Since it’s home, you may not have equipment such as weight. Don’t worry about it. Here is what you should do: improvise. What do i mean by that? You could use a plastic milk that is filled with water. It would still work. Got it? Or should i give more examples?

I can do the squat anyhow i want, it will still work: it’ ll be as effective. as it should be” you say? Unfortunately, you’re wrong! You should always try to do it right.

Now, it is time to kick it u a notch. You should stand in front of an object that is stable. It should be about a kneel high or lower. With your FEET from a standing position, jump onto the box. Then you can put weight on your shoulder and perform box squat. Use appropriate weights so it doesn’t hurt your back. You can start from a lighter weight and gradually increase it as you progress. And then do it with one foot at a time: one foot on a bench and push yourself up. You should know that you’re going to repeat these exercises for about 8 times. When you’re done with that, move on to the next.

This exercise is a bit more rigorous than the rest. Stand on a bench. Jump off it. As soon as your feet touches the ground, jump straight up again. Using giant steps, you should run up your driveway. Then you can start jumping; two steps forward, jump at the third. Do it as high as possible. You keep doing this for some time. If the length of your workout room is big enough, do it there.

Now, it is time to do it on the second foot. Repeat the process. Stop to catch your breath each time. Remember, you should be doing high-heel skipping.

Keep a record of your improvements weekly. That’s it! This is a good way to increase your vertical jumping at home.

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