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According to the popular views, modern kitchens look stark and cold. Do you also agree? Ultimately, everything depends on planning and execution. A modern kitchen can have more character and flair to it based on how you visualize it. It can be functional, calming, spacious, and neat, which every ideal cooking space should be. If you were thinking of revamping your old kitchen for a modern look, you don’t need to take any stress. You can imagine it in any theme from elegant to whimsical to colorful and equip it with all the coveted amenities. So here are some design inspirations for you.

Include a touch of gold

It is unimaginable to consider a modern kitchen without stainless steel. It has become so integral to this theme. But if you want to bring an edgy vibe, nothing can beat the glamour of gold tinge. You can consider going overboard with a gold surface for the island to indulge in the fun of shine. Or, you can look for little outlets to express your inner desire. For example, kitchen faucets come in many designs. You can pick a commercial or bridge-style golden faucet to draw attention to the sink area. In and around the same place, golden pendant lights and other such elements can also create the perfect combination.

Just make sure that your kitchen gets floods of natural light. Anything in the naturally bright space looks even more beautiful.

Make it all fun

It tends to be one of the busiest places at home. From washing to prepping to cooking and even dining, you do lots of activities in this corner. Although when you work in the kitchen, your whole focus would be on preparations and everything else. Still, it is worth introducing a few crazy elements. Maybe these can offer you much-desired relief when you remain occupied with your daily chore. An easy way to implement this is to play with bold geometric designs. Imagine a bright red round hood and semi-circular backsplash against pale blue cabinets.

Experiment with an edgy feel

Straight lines can be the mark of a modern interior. That’s fine. You can maintain that while simultaneously playing with the different surfaces. To be precise, get polished concrete added to the background to enjoy some sleek grittiness. Also, you can look for sculptural lighting to elevate the style quotient.

Work on the layout

You have to be more particular about this when you have a small kitchen. You can start with the cooking space. Add cabinets up to the ceiling-height and use barstools to meet the dining and living areas’ expectations quickly. You can make it more intriguing by equipping that corner with a circular hood and a countertop surface touching the wall.

Pop colors here and there

Most modern kitchens marry the white theme. It gives them the right amount of brightness required in a place like this, where the preparation for health begins. But it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything about it. You can add colors through vases, flowers, and serving ware. Some homeowners like the idea of infusing red to break the monotony. If you are looking for affordable decorative ideas, try to include recycled materials, which can be as quirky yet straightforward as a soup can, for example.

Cover the hood

Most likely, there will be a stainless steel hood in the kitchen. It can lend a too commercial or blunt look to your cooking area. Although it can stay there, it would be better to do something clever. You can use a nice glass encasement to hide it. This endeavor will impart a polished feel to the décor.

Indulge in some risks

Streamlined designs can be the mark of modern interiors. But there is always a scope to change a few things. If you want to do this, let the lighting play a trick. In that sense, you can pick slender cylindrical pendant lights over classic designs to do away with the formal overtone. Besides, you can also give it a balanced asymmetrical touch by making the hood lean to one side of the room and the symmetrical features to the other side. These can include a floating shelf, sofa, island counter, and so on.

Harp on simplicity

An all-white kitchen may lack depth and dimension. You can bring a twist with textured plaster walls, wood cabinets, etc. Statement lights can also make an ideal companion here.

Take advantage of interior glass

Open floor plans create an illusion of space in a small house, while closed floor plans work better in traditional large homes. You can be doubtful about choosing either of them. In that case, you can solve your confusion by installing interior glass. The kitchen’s partial wall will reflect light both inside and outside while allowing a smooth flow of traffic in and out.

Show your collection

Are you a proud owner of an eclectic range of ceramic kitchen pots, tableware, and glassware? Then, choose floating shelves to put everything on display. Small artwork pieces can go up the top shelf to create a sense of the gallery-style look.

Be strategic with revamping project

You don’t have to get everything done in one shot. You can pick up a few corners and work on them to update their look. It can start with something as simple as architectural lighting, for instance. From there, you can browse accents, artwork, and more.

Doing or redoing a kitchen can be the most exciting thing. You spend long hours there, cooking meals for your family and friends. Sometimes, you can have somebody’s company, and sometimes you may have to do it all alone. No matter what it is, it can always be pleasant to focus on work amidst an attractive environment. And nowadays, you have so many options also. Hence, you don’t have to worry about finding the right things for the place where you connect emotionally, physically, and mentally. You can shape it the way you want to gift it a touch of your personality.

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