Absolute hypnosis in another world: Harem manga in the hype

The world of writing has extended in captivating and inventive ways, introducing a wave of creativity that rises above conventional narrating designs. Among these, the domain of light novels has risen as an energetic and differing sort that envelops different subgenres and subjects, catering to a wide range of perusers. From epic daydream enterprises to develop and grown-up stories, light books dig into a cluster of compelling classes, absolute hypnosis in Another World is an example of such an attention-catching novel.

In this presentation, we are going to travel through the multifaceted scene of light books, investigating subgenres like Manhwa and Webtoon that perfectly combine captivating stories with shocking visuals. We’ll too jump into developing and grown-up topics that offer thought-provoking and complex storylines, not shying absent from the complexities of human nature. 

What is another world hype in novels:

The classes of muck, cruelty, and show bring crude feelings and concentrate to the bleeding edge, whereas daydreaming and isekai domains transport perusers to fantastical universes abounding with enchantment and experience. The visuals come lively with full-color adjustments, inundating us with striking and captivating universes. For those looking for sentiment and connections, light books investigate a collection of mistress accounts, highlighting complicated character elements.

Enchantment, resurrection, and superpowers include an additional layer of interest, presenting components of the exceptional to something else standard lives. Within the world of light books, the conceivable outcomes are boundless, and these captivating stories are created to start the creative energy and give an elude into luxuriously woven accounts. 

Absolute hypnosis in another world overview:

Absolute Hypnosis in Another World is a viral Korean light novel about a boy who enjoys sexual films and dies while watching them. Because it is an isekai manga, the protagonist is transported to another planet with his chosen abilities.

He soon falls into trouble after reincarnating into another realm with a tremendous and unique power. He is saved as a result of this, which leads to the account of meeting a married woman with the hottest body. We will get to see amazing character developments in the later story with the protagonist rising with new skills and powers and amazing intimacy between him and his partners.


Absolute Hypnosis in Another World is a popular manga that is available on various sites and platforms including Webtoon which is one of the biggest manga platforms for creators from the world. There are many sites like Mangapark.net where you can get all the chapters available.

Currently, Absolute Hypnosis in Another World is in Chapter 85 with a growing audience and amazing popularity. This ongoing manga is capturing many people’s hearts, and newcomers are complimenting every episode. If you are on the lookout for harem manga you should definitely check this out.

Overview of some Chapters:

Chapter 1: 

The first chapter covers all the basic details discussed above. Diving into more elaborate explanations, the protagonist who was enjoying sexual videos dies in the middle of his enjoyment. 

After his death, he found himself in a void of transferring worlds with two powers of his choice, where he was attacked and saved by someone passing by. Afterward, the protagonist meets with the wife of the man who saved him and he immediately falls in love with her body as the hottest.

He named himself HYPNO after asking him about his name. The name can showcase his power or it can also show how proud the protagonist is with his newly developed powers.

Chapter 2 – 4:

The next chapters of Absolute Hypnosis in Another World cover how the protagonist hypnotizes both the husband and the wife. After hypnotizing he decides to get all the information about the world he is in. he chooses to get pretty close to Linea and gets her to teach and take him to their room to show gratitude for saving him and losing his virginity.

The protagonist then started to get excited and with his ability of hypnosis, was able to ask her to lead the way to erotic gratification. The wife agreed to teach him her husband’s way of pleasing her. The story will revolve from there as the protagonist sets his journey of pleasure and sexual intimacy.

Later Chapters:

His pursuit of pleasure and happiness carries on with his new ability to control minds, change memories, create new memories, and even command others at his will. New characters are introduced after some time.

HYPNO also acquired new skills devoted to sexual pleasure for both his partner and beneficial for himself. His earned points can upgrade his MP, HP, and Stamina physically for intimacy and isekai life. With new encounters and new experiences, he gains new skills that help him to move forward swiftly.

This manga conveys harem isekai and lets you enjoy all the fun, though this manga circles around harem and sexual life more than a typical isekai manga. You can see sexual intercourse right off the bat between chapters 1 to 5. Chapter 74 is one of the most-rated chapters in Absolute Hypnosis in Another World that every fan enjoys reading.

Absolute hypnosis in another world Chapter 74:

Absolute Hypnosis in Another World Chapter 74 is a widely popular chapter along with other chapters. With new characters introduced, we can see the involvement of a beast lady with fluffy ears and tails. And an elf in a later story. As its reputation, this chapter also starts with a sexual intercourse scene which then evolves into an intriguing isekai story

This chapter also shows how far HYPNO has ascended with his unique powers and newly developed skills. His power of hypnosis takes control of the mind of anyone he wishes which helps him to continue his pursuit of pleasure and happiness without any distortions.

This chapter covers a different part of the isekai manga. Adventure Guild, Elve, mixed breed people, beast-men, this chapter covers every aspect of an isekai fan. With a blacksmithing scam, this chapter conquered the attention of both existing and new viewers.

The scam was performed by a blacksmith where Hypno and his companions submitted their pieces of equipment and swords for a fix. After noticing the quality and due to the blacksmith’s personal financial problem he chose to sell those for a high price while offering them a replica. After a certain event, HYPNO uses his powers to make him confess all his deeds and expose him in front of the shop manager.


In conclusion, the world of light books offers an assorted and captivating extent of narrating that digs into different subgenres, including the charming domain of “Absolute Hypnosis in Another World.” These books transport perusers to fantastical universes filled with enchantment, experience, and complex character elements. 

With subjects of enchantment, rebirth, and superpowers, these stories light the creative ability and weave complex accounts that investigate the profundities of human nature. “Absolute Hypnosis in Another World” embodies this with its one-of-a-kind take on isekai narrating, highlighting components of trance and a center on connections and joy. 

Because it proceeds to unfurl in chapters, it keeps up a solid taking after and keeps perusers locked in with its mix of daydream, arousing quality, and interest. For those looking to investigate a distinctive side of the isekai class, this light novel is worth digging into.


1.What is Absolute Hypnosis in Another World?

Absolute Hypnosis in Another World is a light novel by a Korean author.

2. What is Absolute Hypnosis in Another World about?

Absolute Hypnosis in Another World is about a boy who travels to another world and starts his pleasureful life.

3. What is the name of the protagonist?


4. Where can I watch the manga?


5. Is it a isekai manga

Yes, it is an isekai harem manga.

6. How many chapters does it have?

Currently, it consists of 85 Chapters

7. Is it 18+ manga?

Yes, it is a hentai-style manga for 18+ only.

8. Is it a Japanese manga

No, it is a Korean manga.

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