8 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere

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With a resistance band, you can work almost every muscle group in your body. There are so many exercises you can do with a resistance band, but it’s tough figuring out which ones are the best. Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you! These are perfect exercises to get you started, whether you’re new to working out with bands or need some refreshers. Another great thing is they can be done anywhere!


Bicycling is one of the easiest exercises to do with a band. It’s also one of the most effective, as it targets your entire body, from your core to your arms and legs. Bicycling is a great option for beginners, since it doesn’t require any equipment.

All you need is a band that’s long enough that you can walk or run with it. Grab the band and hold one end in each hand. Walk or run with the band until the end is about your hip-height, then lean forward and hold the band above your head with your arms straight. Slowly walk or run with the band, using your arms to guide it. Keep your core tight, your back straight, and your legs and arms relaxed.

Bench Press with Band

This resistance band exercise will strengthen your back and arms while reducing your risk of injury. You can do this exercise on an incline or flat surface. Put the band around your shoulders or around your forehead with the end hanging down. Stand up straight with your back against the band, palms facing the ground.

Pull the band upwards, making a T shape with your arms. Once you’ve reached the top, push your arms down and keep your back straight. Reverse the movement, pulling your arms back up to the starting position.

Squat and Lunges with Bands

Squats are an excellent exercise for strengthening your entire body. They work your lower body, including your legs, butt, core, and even your back! With a resistance band, you can make lunges more challenging, increasing their difficulty and making them a great core exercise.

Start by holding the band around your midsection. Then, bend both knees and bring your feet back toward your buttocks. Keep your torso upright and your legs straight. You can lower your legs slowly or rapidly by controlling the tension in the band with your hands.

Plie Squats

If you’re looking for a challenging twist on the classic squat, this variation is for you. Plie squats work your legs, butt, and core muscles, with a little help from your arms. To complete this resistance band exercise, you’ll hold onto the band with one hand and the ground with the other.

Place the band around your feet and hold on to the ground. Then, bend your knees and squat down. Pause and hold that position for a second. Then, straighten your legs, contracting your butt and legs as you do so. Repeat continuously until you’ve completed the set.

Standing Calf Raises

Standing calf raises are a challenging, effective exercise for building your calves. They require a lot of balance, and are also great for strengthening your core, upper body, and shoulder muscles.

To do a standing calf raise with a resistance band, start by holding the band around your feet with your hands. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your heels off the floor and contract your calf muscles to raise your heels. Lower them back down. Repeat the movement, contracting your calf muscles as you do so.


This superman exercise is one of the most effective for strengthening your core and arms. It also works your legs, shoulders, and back, as you control the tension in the band for the duration of the exercise. Begin by holding the band in one hand, about waist-high.

Tighten your core and bend your knees, bringing your feet underneath you. Then, extend your arms out in front of you with your palms facing up. Make sure your entire body is tight from your core to your arms and legs.

Hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly straighten your knees, contracting your core muscles as you do so. Extend your arms out in front of you, keeping your core and arms tight.

Squat Tightrope Walk

Need a cardio challenge? This resistance band exercise is like walking a tightrope, but with resistance bands. You can walk on the floor, an incline, or a decline. This is one of the best resistance band exercises for cardiovascular health, as well as strength training.

To do a squat tightrope walk, start by holding the band around your waist. Then, walk on the ground with one foot, and extend the other leg straight behind you. Keep your foot, core, and upper body tight.

Core Bridge and Roll-up

This exercise is a great workout for your core. It’s a basic bridge movement, but with a twist. Instead of contracting your glutes and contracting your whole body from top to bottom, you’ll keep your core tight and roll up. It’s a great way to work your abs, as well as your upper body.

You start by lying on the floor with your knees bent and place your feet flat on the ground. You then put your hands on the outsides of your feet, close to your shins. Bend your elbows and lift your upper body off the floor, contracting your core muscles. Roll up onto your toes and keep your core tight. Slowly lower yourself back down to the ground.


Bands are versatile, easy-to-use equipment that can help you achieve your fitness goals. You can use them for strength training, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Resistance bands can also be a fun way to stay active and challenge yourself.

Before you get started, be sure to do your research. Find the right bands for your fitness goals. Shop for different lengths, resistance levels, and styles. Don’t forget to experiment and find what works best for you!

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