8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a DUI Attorney

Did you know that nearly 30% of all car crash fatalities involve drunk driving in the United States?

Driving under the influence can put you and everyone else on the road at risk, but some people continue to get behind the wheel.

If you started the engine when you shouldn’t have and ended up in trouble, you’ll want to hire an attorney.

Keep reading to discover important questions to ask a DUI attorney when you need legal protection!

1. What Do You Specialize In?

One of the first things to seek when you look for a DUI attorney is someone that specializes in these cases.

Not all law degrees prepare attorneys for drinking and driving cases, which is why you want someone experienced. Even if you have a friend or family member that’s a lawyer, they must practice in your local area and know how to navigate these cases.

DUI attorneys should know drinking and driving laws, along with laws regarding other substances. Think about what you tested over the limit for, whether it be alcohol or drugs. You don’t want to get a lawyer that only knows about drinking laws and none about marijuana.

2. What Can You Do for This Case?

Asking a DUI attorney how they can help you will ensure that you hire the best person for the job.

You want to find an attorney that’s motivated to win your case and that believes in themselves. If you hire an attorney that doesn’t think there is much they can do to help, you might as well save your money. Look for someone confident and experienced since they can quickly determine how the case will go.

Asking these questions can help address any concerns that you or the attorneys have.

3. How Long Have You Been Practicing?

If you don’t know what to do after a DUI arrest, you need to find an attorney with plenty of experience.

You don’t need someone that’s been in the industry for 20 years to win your case, but you do need someone with practice. The more cases that your lawyer has taken, the more info and strategies they’ve encountered.

If you’re considering hiring an attorney that’s fresh out of college, there may be risks. Fortunately, these attorneys just graduated though, so they might have an upper advantage. Make sure you ask about their practices and education that pertain to your case.

Depending on the law firm, you should expect to pay more for more experienced attorneys. These costs are still worth the price if you don’t have to spend time behind bars.

4. What Are the Costs of Services?

Determining the cost of a DUI lawyer can be a challenge before the final hearing occurs.

Since you and the attorney can’t predict every turn in your case, you should expect to pay more than the estimated costs. Each lawyer you’re considering should provide a pricing sheet, but most attorneys charge a set fee for each hour they work on your project.

Before agreeing to any services, make sure you understand how you will be charged and when. Typically, attorneys won’t charge a dime until after the case is settled.

5. Have You Ever Gotten DUI Charges Dropped?

It’s helpful to ask the attorney about how many cases they’ve won, but you’ll see better results when you narrow the question.

Instead of asking about general success, you can discover how many DUI charges they’ve gotten dropped. If your attorney can’t provide proof that cases were dropped, you may want to consider other options.

Depending on what the circumstances were, you don’t have to get someone with a perfect record.

6. Do You Understand Alcohol Toxicology?

When a DUI case gets brought into court, several organizations get involved to prove the charges.

It helps to find a lawyer that understands alcohol toxicology reports and processes. If they don’t know about the legal limits and laws about alcohol, they could lose a case that had plenty of potentials to win.

If you find an attorney, they may already have relationships with toxicologists and testing agencies.

7. When Do You Work?

Attorneys work strange hours since they must fit court hearings, consultations, or research into their day.

You should ask all of the attorneys you’re considering about their standard hours of work. Some attorneys offer weekend assistance while others avoid the business from 5 pm until the next morning.

You need to find an attorney that can help you within reasonable hours. Compare your schedule to theirs to determine if it’ll be a suitable fit.

8. What Is the Likelihood of You Winning?

An experienced attorney should know the chances of winning your case based on the info you provide them.

Keep in mind that if all the details you offer aren’t accurate, it could harm your case even more. Always be honest and transparent when communicating with your attorney since they are on your side. Often, when people lose their cases, it’s because they didn’t prepare their attorney with the right info.

Everything will come out in court, so it’s better to tell the truth and find a solution.

Who Will Your DUI Attorney Be?

Whether you’re innocent or not, having a DUI attorney on your side can help in the courtroom.

An experienced DUI attorney can fight on your behalf and try to improve the results of the hearing. If you don’t want to spend years in jail, they are sometimes your only line of defense. Take time to look for an attorney that has handled cases like yours before, and try not to get too caught up on the cost.

Don’t be afraid to confront your attorney with questions so you aren’t surprised by the bill.

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