7 Safety Measures to Take Before White Water Rafting

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White water rafting Kolad is a fun and energising outdoor activity. It helps you cool off while getting out of the house and has become a mainstream open-air activity. However, there are a few steps you and your family members must take before a memorable white water rafting experience.

Here are the necessary safety measures you should take:

1. Select a licensed and professional rafting outfitter

Know how long the rafting outfitter has been in business. Make sure it adheres to government regulations and has a valid license. Ask them questions regarding their training practices to be sure of your safety. Your safety should be second to none when out rafting the rivers. Echo Canyon Rafting has multiple safety precautions many other rafting companies do not take, consider adding them to your list for rafting adventures

A professional outfitter with a lot of experience can provide you and your family with a great outdoor experience. Check all documents and contract terms before you shortlist the right outfitter.

2. Hold the paddle properly!

Proper handling of the paddle is of utmost importance and should be learned from an expert. One hand should be at the base of your paddle on the shaft, while the other hand should be over your paddle’s ‘T’ grip. The grip will keep control of your paddle and prevent knocking out your teeth or blacken your eyes.

Sit on the right or left side of the boat if you are right handed or left handed respectively. It is safe to sit in the middle of the boat if you are a beginner in white water rafting Kolad.

3. Wear safety gear appropriately

Do not refuse to wear safety gear even if you are a good swimmer. Helmet and life jacket are safety gears not to be avoided. Choose a life jacket that fits you perfectly. A tight one will make it hard for you to breathe and a loose one can float to your neck. Clip all buckles in your jacket and ask for proper guidance if you do not know how to wear a life jacket.

4. Keep swimming techniques handy

There a couple of swimming techniques you should be aware of if you happen to fall out of your boat. The first one is the ‘Down River Swimmers Position’, where you need to lie on your back with your hands beside you. Slightly bend your legs as they become shock absorber if you happen to hit a rock.

The second position does not have a name,but you can impersonate Michael Phelps as closely as possible. Swim to the nearest point out of the river following instructions from your guide.

5. Know all rafting commands

If you hear your guide shout ‘High-side’, move towards the downstream part of the boat and throw your weight in the direction of the flow of water. It will prevent the boat from capsizing if you pay close attention to your outfitter’s safety talk before going for white water rafting Kolad.

6. Wear a comfortable outfit

A splash jacket and river shoes make for a comfortable and smooth ride. Check the weather conditions beforehand and dress accordingly.

7. Listen carefully to your guide

Lastly, keep your ears open and listen to your guide master in case of an unwanted situation. Read your raft master’s guidebook carefully to help you encounter any situation in the river.

Don’t forget to pack enthusiasm for white water rafting Kolad as it would be an experience you would love to cherish forever. Happy rafting!

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