Top Tier Answering Services and Call Centers

Many companies claim to offer top tier answering services and call centers, and while most of those can in fact give you good service, they have limitations, stipulations, and policies that you may not agree with. Some of them even outsource even further so your customers don’t even end up speaking with someone where their company is based at. That is totally not cool when you’re looking for a company that outsources to places that could cause a language barrier between you and your customers. By using a site like you get what you pay for – local international quality, customer service, customer satisfaction, and more. Find out more by visiting

What Professional Industries are Covered? covers numerous industries. They started out with being a primarily medical focused call center service, and answering service, but they’ve since branched out to cater to many other businesses. Whether you’re a lawyer, a plumber, a medical professional (or healthcare office), a general contractor, or just about anything else professionally, Answering365 can cover your needs.

How Do They Work?

Many companies offer only standard service packages, and don’t give you very many options, or they charge an arm and a leg for anything extra. Answering365 understands the meaning of a budget, and offers a standardized package, but they can also build a package based on your needs. When you choose to get a quote, they will have a sales representative contact you personally, and then you can discuss various package options with them, as well as be able to give details on what you are wanting to provide.

Keep in mind, they aren’t just an answering/voicemail service, they also provide e-mail support, online support (via chat Helpdesk software), as well as call forwarding, so if it is a dire emergency and you so choose, your customers can contact you directly. This is something that some agencies simply don’t do. And what’s better, they have clients nationwide!

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing to a company like Answering365 gives you not only top tier answering service, but you literally have a call center at your fingertips, without having to pay for your own, which costs you more money by having your own employees to worry about. You have to factor in things such as your company’s payroll (this takes more time and money), insurance (more money in expenses for each employee), time off, benefits, call-ins and how to pick up slack if there are too many call-ins, etc. When you hire a top tier call center like Answering365, you don’t have to even deal with all of that hassle.


By hiring a company like Answering365, you not only get people who are true professionals that represent your business, you get individuals who share their visions and voices right along with your own. There have been plenty of client testimonials that display Answering365’s professionalism. Many of these clients’ customers don’t even know that they’re being outsourced, so they truly are representing you. That generally says a lot for a company that is possibly being hired halfway, or even all the way across the continental United States ( is headquartered in California).


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