7 Great HIIT workouts for women to get fit

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is practiced at high intensity for a small time with a reasonably spaced resting phase. A fat-burning HIIT workout is an excellent way to burn the fat in a short period. In HIIT, the muscles lack oxygen during the period of the intense workout.

This helps the body get rid of the fat even 24 to 48 hours after departing the gym. So ladies, if you want a workout to lose weight and tone up, then HIIT workout is the right option for you. Below are 7 HIIT workout that will help you get fit.

Squats and twists

  • Stand with your feet at a distance and cross both the arms ahead of the chest to assist you in balance. Turn the feet out and into the floor, don’t move their position. Create pressure to feel the sides and glutes blow up. It will help if you sense the curves in the feet rise.
  • Begin with your lower body, push the knees away from each other, and sit just like sitting on a chair. Continue going as down as you can at the same time maintaining your head, backbone, and pelvis in the same line.
  • Slowly, come back in the normal position from the squat position. Now turn your torso to the left side, lifting the left knee towards the sky. Hug your abs. Repeat this squat to the reverse side as well.

Reach and crunch

  • While keeping tall, stretch the ribs below and try to push the tailbone a little. Lift your arms vertically straight, retain stiffness of the core to make sure your ribs don’t overburden, furthermore, the spine doesn’t stretch too much.
  • Rotate the torso on the left side while bringing the left knee up. At the same time, pull the arms below as if presenting a knee blow. Exercise the abs, attempting to get the ribs plus hips united.

Shuffle punch

  • With the feet placed unitedly and the hands placed on your sides, stand tall to pitch straight punches.
  • Scuffle the feet and come back in a low squat keeping your feet outside. While you lower down in the squat position, knock the right hand, switch to the right side, plus punch with the left hand. Repeat this HIIT workout.

Mountain climber

  • Begin by getting into the initial pushup position and then push your right knee to your chest while keeping your hips level with the ground.
  • Switch to your right foot and push your left knee to your chest. Keep doing this with alternating sides at a fast pace.

Toe tap

  • Keep a box or a gym ball that’s about a foot. Instantly raise one leg and tap the top of the gym ball with your foot.
  • Keep your foot back on the floor and repeat with the other leg. Get into a rhythm that makes you feel like you’re running or tapping the gym ball quickly with each foot and standing light.

Hop over

  • Stand to the right of the gym ball and put your left foot on top of it.
  • Hop over the gym ball laterally, arriving with your right foot on the gym ball and your left foot on the ground. Continue performing this HIIT workout in a rhythm.

Feet on climber

  • Put your feet on the gym ball, then get into a pushup position.
  • Do mountain climbers, another HIIT workout by bringing each knee to your chest; alternatively, be careful to replace each foot on the gym ball before lifting the other.

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