7 Factors to consider when choosing commercial fencing

Many commercial properties would benefit from the use of a fence around the property. Whether you run a doggie daycare or an industrial facility with proprietary processes, a fence can keep out unwanted guests, and keep in what needs to be kept in.

But since installing a fence is a pretty big project, you need to plan well in order to make the most of your investment. You can’t just have some of your employees throw up some fencing panels, and expect to be good to go.

When choosing commercial fencing, there are lots of factors to consider. Your business location, what the fence needs to accomplish, how it looks and how long it lasts, and much more are all important factors.

Keep reading to learn all about fences for commercial buildings and how to choose the right one for your property.

What Is the Purpose of the Fence?

There are many different types of fences, each with its own target uses and benefits. A privacy fence will act as a barrier between the outside world and your commercial property.

It will prevent people from seeing your property. So if you have lots of specialized equipment or materials stored on your commercial grounds, having a privacy fence can keep it hidden.

This would lower the chance of someone wanting to break into your property and steal stuff from you. Privacy fences are often made from simple wood panels, or from synthetic materials like vinyl.

Maybe you don’t need to prevent people from seeing into your property, but you just need to keep them from coming in. Installing a cheaper chain link fence can accomplish this goal without breaking the bank.

If security on your commercial property is a big concern, you can even include barbed wire on top. However, this affects the image of your business, so consider your reputation when adding this feature.

Functional or Aesthetic?

Some businesses aren’t concerned with how a fence looks and can choose a cheaper fence that doesn’t look as good. Maybe their commercial property is located far away from busy roads or other businesses, and few people ever even see it.

Other times, a business is located in a busy area with lots of traffic nearby. Or maybe you frequently have customers or clients coming to your facility, and you want a fence that complements the visual appeal of your business.

If so, you will have to balance aesthetic with function, and likely need to buy a more expensive fencing solution. When comparing fencing costs, better-looking fences will always cost more but is worth the investment if your public image is on the line.

Temporary or Permanent?

Some businesses only need temporary fencing installed. Maybe they have a remodeling project taking place or are hosting an outdoor event for a designated period of time.

In this instance, having a temporary chain link fence put up can help prevent goods, tools, and materials from being stolen as they are stored outside. They can also help direct traffic to the designated entry and exit points, which is important if admission or registration is required.

On the other hand, if you are permanently installing commercial fencing, there’s a lot more to consider and plan. You’ll need fencing plans approved by the city. You need to ensure it’s being installed on your property and not on a neighboring property.

Also, underground utility lines need to be marked to ensure they aren’t damaged when digging post holes.

Opting for Maintenance-Free

Certain fencing materials offer the benefit of being maintenance-free. These are usually synthetic materials, such as vinyl, along with basic options like metal or chain-link.

Wood fences, common for residential or rural commercial properties, require annual maintenance to ensure they last for many years. Waterproof sealant needs to be applied on the fence on a regular basis, or moisture from rain, humidity, and snow can deteriorate the wood fast.

If you don’t want to deal with this, then spend the extra money upfront for a maintenance-free material.

Choosing the Right Fencing Provider

When it comes to commercial fencing, it’s not a project you can undertake yourself. Even if you installed a fence at your permanent residence, a commercial-sized project is not something you should take on yourself.

Instead, hire a commercial fencing company that specializes in helping businesses like yours. Look here for more information on commercial fencing services.

Climate and Location

Where your business is located will also play a role in what type of fence you install on your commercial property. Properties in the Northeast or the Midwest will have to deal with long, cold winters. Fences will need to be able to withstand months of snow each year.

Those in the Southeast will need strong fences, capable of staying put during the hurricane season when wind and debris can be present in full force.

Properties in the Southwest generally just need to withstand high heat and intense sun, while those in the Northwest have a ton of rain to deal with.

A local provider will be able to advise you on the best commercial fencing materials for your local climate.


Every decision you make as a business owner is important. When choosing things such as fencing, you want it to be the best business decision for your company. That may mean spending a little extra money upfront if it means the fence you receive is durable and will last many, many years before needing repairs or replacement.

You might spend more on your fence upfront. But by choosing a fence wisely, you will only need to spend money once. Those who always choose the cheapest options find that they have to constantly spend money to fix and replace over the years.

Choosing Commercial Fencing

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing commercial fencing. The best thing you can do is take your time.

Have multiple fencing providers visit your property, provide recommendations, and give you a quote. Choose whoever seems the most knowledgeable and experienced to ensure you make the best investment in your property.

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