6 Summer marketing campaign ideas

Summer comes with a relaxed, adventurous mood that encourages people to go out and try something new. You can take advantage of this quest for new experiences to experiment with different approaches to pushing your brand. It is the ideal time to see how your target audience will respond to novel marketing campaigns. If you are hoping to extend your reach to a new market segment, you’re likely to find it at its most receptive in summer.

There are several fun campaign strategies you can try out this summer, including:

1.Sidewalk Sales

Take advantage of the warm weather to set up shop outside your store to engage folks who aren’t inclined to walk in. Select items your sales data indicates are the most popular, or you’ve heard generating a lot of interest by word of mouth and social forums. Set up a makeshift store outside your premises or in an alternative location.

Direct those walking near your store with innovative signage. You can add to the appeal of your store by offering refreshments. The aim of your temporary sidewalk store shouldn’t be purely to sell the items you’ve stocked up; it’s an opportunity for you to connect with the community around you and forge networks for future sales. For this reason, you should have a stack of flyers and business cards ready to hand out as well as a mobile device to gather the contacts of anyone who visits.

2.Become a Vendor at Local Events

Is a school nearby organizing a charity run? Is there a music festival coming up at a venue near you? You need to get in touch with the organizers as soon as you can to secure a stall at these events before your competitors.

Securing a vendor booth at that popular local event is but half the battle won. But how will you position your products to maximize sales? Your first move should be to identify which of your products go best with the event in question. If you’re running a clothing store, your sports gear will be the best fit for that fun run.

Also, consider mixing some of your hidden gems into your booth inventory. When people attend events, they might want to buy unique items that will remind them of that special day or night. These pieces will also catch their eye as they browse each booth.

3.Offer Free Items

What better way to display empathy with potential customers on a scorching summer afternoon than to offer them a free chilled lemonade as they walk into your booth? When offered in a branded bottle, the drink will not only increase your chances of closing a deal with the partaker it will help increase the visibility of your brand beyond the confines of your store. You can also hand out fans and other items to beat the heat.

4.Call in a Professional

Coming up with a marketing strategy that can help you capitalize on summer’s business potential requires more than just an educated guess. You need qualified professionals who eat, sleep and breathe marketing. Advertising agencies in NYC, like Crafted, have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t, given their extensive experience in the field.

While bringing in an agency may seem expensive initially, it may save you a lot in the future. Imagine putting away thousands of dollars on ad campaigns that your target audience is not even tuned in to. You might also be spending thousands on the month-in, month-out salaries of an in-house marketing team.

5.Bring in a Band

You can add some live entertainment to the sign welcoming passersby to your sidewalk store to make it harder for them to walk past it. You will have to pay the artist(s) for their time, but this could prove to be a good bet. What better way to cash in on the relaxed, laissez-faire mood summer brings than to have accomplished musicians serenade passing prospects into your store?

6.Plan Activities for Kids

By providing entertainment for restless kids, your store can provide relief to parents. You can set up a kid’s corner and put out toys and games. You can also have a planned craft with supervision so the parents can shop your store while the children are occupied.

Summer Marketing for Year-Round

Your summer marketing push can boost sales not just between June and July; it can propel your sales figures throughout the year. However, you have to employ the right strategy or combination of tactics to achieve this. Going with a marketing agency will save you the time and expense of experimenting with campaign ideas.

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