6 Gift Ideas for Tech-Savvy Men

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Ties? Cuff links? Socks? You can definitely do better than that when it comes to gifting men, especially if the man in question loves tech-related things. Maybe you can’t afford an iPhone X or a Tesla just yet, but there are plenty of gadgets you can gift to tech-savvy men.

Whether you’re looking for a budget buy, like the latest phone under 10000 or a trendy gadget, we’re here to give you a nudge in the right direction. Here are some awesome tech gifts for men. Add these to your shopping list this gifting season.

Think Smarter with a Smartphone

You can’t go wrong when gifting a new smartphone. Whatever the occasion, whether Diwali or birthday, a smartphone could be a thoughtful gift for a man who likes his gadgets. There are plenty of smartphones to choose from too. If a Samsung Note series does not fit in your budget, you can look for the latest smartphones under 10000. Phones like the Redmi Note 5, Honor 7C, Honor 9 Lite and Oppo A3S are some of the latest mobile phone under 10000. You can also check out these latest smartphones under 10000 with face unlock feature that will make an excellent gift for any man.

Get Health Conscious with a Fitness Tracker

If you had to pick one trending gadget these days, it would have to be a fitness tracker. Used as an accessory or a fitness device, either way; he will cherish it as a gift. These fitness devices track your steps, calculate the distance you walk and count the calories you burn. Set daily goals in it to up your fitness game. You can pick from a range of fitness tracker to gift. A high-end FitBit tracker could cost you around Rs. 10,000 to 20,000, while a budget Mi Band or Fastrack Reflex could be purchased under Rs. 5,000.

Tune to some Funky Beats with a Bluetooth Speaker

You don’t need a music system to get a party started. These days, the party can travel everywhere with you, with a pocket Bluetooth speaker. Gift a tech-savvy man, the instant party-starter speaker to brighten up his day and mood. You can choose from a list of brands including JBL, Sony, LG, Boat, Philips etc. Many of them come with features like a strong Bluetooth signal range, waterproof exteriors, and long battery life.

Go on an Adventure with a GoPro

Do you know someone who likes adventures and photography? Don’t just give them a regular camera, gift them a GoPro this year. GoPro cameras are designed to survive rugged quests. Take them on a trek or while skydiving; they are meant to capture all adventures in high quality. Men will love to have this trendy gadget on their next big holiday.

Detangle your Life with Wireless Headphones

The latest headphones are not just powered with the latest sound quality but also with wireless features. A wireless headphone comes without nosy cords that leave you in a tangled mess. You can pick from a number of stylish wireless headphones from Jabra, JBL, Sony, Sennheiser etc. Pair these wireless headphones with one of the latest android phones in 2018 and you’ll have the perfect gift combination too.


This Fire Pit could be a good choice of gift for tech-sevy men specially for the outdoors man on your list. A portable fire pit also includes the features of Bluetooth connectivity, air jets, and mobile app control so that a user can easily control the height of flame and heat.

Golf Simulator

If your man is the sporty type who couldn’t visit the course due to the travel restrictions or bad weather, a golf simulator is probably on his wishlist. Although it is more expensive than other items on this list, it is a sure pleaser. This gift is a perfect choice for that special person.These days it’s more easy as you can take the service of Custom Swag Boxes & Swag Packs from Swag Bar.

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