5 Tools Everyone In The Self-Storage Industry Should Be Using 

The self-storage industry comprises those companies which lend a storage space to their customers for a certain period. Here one can jewelry, packages, furniture, pictures, letters, property documents, and many such valuable substances. 

After storing the goods in a storage company there are always doubts in the back of the minds of the customers. It’s whether the company is trustable or not. Is there any fear of the goods getting damaged? Is there any chance that there might be a burglary and one might get robbed of their precious things? 

So, how to assure the customers that your company is trustable? Well, some of the best self-storage companies in Greenwood, Indiana, and all around the world have taken the help of certain tools to make sure that the belongings of their customers remain completely safe under their watch. Here is a list of some tools which are very important in the self-storage industry to keep the belongings of the clients safe. Read more to find out how these tools will help your company grow more.

Self Storage Alarm System

Sadly, burglars seeking an easy score frequently target self-storage facilities. Installing a self-storage alarm system is the greatest way to secure your property and the needs of your customers. For their belongings to be secured, the customer must check for security. 

The doors and windows should have some sort of sensor installed as a part of the alarm system, and when someone tries to break them, an alarm should ring. Additionally, every room needs to have CCTV and 24/7 security guard supervision.


The self-storage industry is becoming more competitive every day, so it’s extremely important to stay updated. Top self-storage companies need to know how to keep on holding on to their position. 

Self-storage facilities frequently struggle with concerns including water leaks, humidity, mold, and theft, but for the most part, these issues are only discovered by local personnel.

In the largest self-storage companies in US, they install smart equipment called HowsMyStore that continuously monitors their business. The device enables you to stop this kind of critical error before any damage is done.

This also allows you to spot problems as early as possible and thus helps you to avoid severe consequences in the future. Nowadays there are even wireless HowsMyStore devices that can be operated through remotes.

Software For Managing Self-storage

No self-storage Industrial owner can continue the business without self-storage management software. You can monitor occupancy rates, collect payments and maintain track of units. 

Not only that the software even lets you keep track of your renters and units as well. The ideal self-storage software will have little to no monthly license fees, be intuitive, and be simple to use.

Liability And Property Damage Insurance 

Liability insurance and property damage insurance are both musts in the self-storage sector. Property damage insurance will protect you in the event of a fire, burglary, or another occurrence that results in severe property damage. It will also cover most of the possible risks such as loss of income, building damage, equipment failure, and wrongful sale liability.

Additionally, you can give your customers peace of mind and persuade them to store their belongings with you by providing your tenants with protection.


It is another most important tool in the Self Storage Industry. For your Late via Lien sales process, Late2Lien provides easy automation. You will not only save time by doing this, but it will also guarantee that the procedure is carried out accurately and in compliance with state legislation.

It offers a comprehensive, completely automated system that is simple to use and ensures that each step is correctly completed. For self-storage business owners who wish to streamline their lien sales and save time, this program is a useful tool.


After reading the above information we hope we were able to clear your doubts about what these tools are important in a self-storage company. Recently self-storage in USA has become very popular as more and more people are trusting these companies with their valuables. 

The self-storage industry is booming in the US and currently, there are storage companies in Greenwood, Indiana to even in Texas. As these companies increases in number so does the importance of using these tools which makes your company a premium one. 

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