5 Tips And To Make Your Office Relocation A Success

If you’ve tried moving to a new house before, then you definitely know just how stressful the process can be. Packing all your belongings, getting rid of those that you no longer use, and cleaning up the new house are just a few of the many things that must be done when relocating to a new home. Now imagine doing all of that again, but this time it’s an entire office.

Relocating to a new office space is more difficult. Why? You have to think about how you’re supposed to move the office chairs, desks, equipment, and other office supplies. Not to mention that you have to manage your employees and help them get organized and settled once you relocate. Simply put, there are just too many things to consider.

Office relocation requires a ton of effort, even if your company is big or small. If you’re trying to relocate to a new office space, follow the tips below to make it a huge success.

Make A Plan Early On

Office relocations require proper planning and preparation. You should give your company at least three months to devise a clear plan for the move. When planning, evaluate all the things that need to be moved and decide which ones to get rid of. You may also opt to donate the company possessions that you won’t be bringing with you to charities.

Additionally, setting a specific budget for the relocation can come in handy in identifying the costs of hiring a moving company and help you avoid making unwise decisions. In short, early planning can streamline the whole relocation process.

Do Your Research When Looking For A Moving Company

There are plenty of options when choosing a moving company. But as always, it’s best if you take some time to research and get quotes from different companies before you hire one. You should know that an office move is very expensive. But if you have the budget for it, consider hiring one as they’ll do everything for you such as packing, loading, and transport, as well as unloading and unpacking at your new office space.

Ask around for recommendations so you can find a moving company with tons of experience in office relocations. Call each company to ask for quotes and to see the scope of their services. You should also ensure that the moving company you’re going to choose is fully licensed and insured.

Inform Your Employees

Informing your employees about the relocation in advance is also crucial. This is to assist them in preparing themselves for the move. This is especially true if they’re still finishing some major projects before the moving date. It’ll also help if you can show some pictures and videos of the new office space to your employees to get them excited about the move.

While you may be hiring a moving contractor to assist your company with the relocation, it can be helpful to have all of your employees be responsible for packing up their own desks or office space.

Inform your employees when they should start packing up their own things and encourage them to do this ahead of time. You just need to give them enough time to prepare for the relocation, days before the actual moving date.

Update Your Office Address

Another important thing you have to do is to let your suppliers, clients, and customers know about your relocation. You should give them your new office address and when normal operations will resume. Update your business cards, letterheads, websites, and social media sites.

These people will notice that something is happening with your company, so you should inform them ahead of time. This is especially true if these people are working directly with you. You should inform them about your new address so that they can make adjustments to the new circumstances.


Communication is also critical when relocating to a new office, and it shouldn’t stop until everyone is settled down in their new spaces. It can also help everyone understand the issues that you’ll face during the relocation and keep you updated with any problems that may arise.

With constant communication, you’ll be able to mitigate fears and give your employees time to embrace the changes that the relocation may bring.

Taking It All In

Relocating to a new office space shouldn’t be too complicated if you follow these tips. Careful planning should be done in advance so that you don’t miss anything on your move-to-do list and make sure that you hire a professional moving company to help you out and make the relocation a huge success.

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