5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Water Bottle Business

Water is a commodity that everyone will keep needing because it is a kind of mineral which humans need to drink every day. We drink water to quench our thirst, we also need it to maintain our health. Thus it is safe to say that the need for water will not diminish anytime soon, or ever! 

We can get water from anywhere, it could be from a water tap, or one of the go-to is through the water bottle. With the availability of a water bottle, it makes it easier for us to consume water everywhere at any time. We can buy it in almost every convenience store, and the price is rather cheap! This is what makes water bottles become one of the top-selling items in the store.

If you are a business-minded type of person, you may also see the opportunity here. Yes! Bottle water is a good business opportunity that will be very profitable in the long run. Not only will it be profitable, but you also do not need much capital to start this business. It relatively needs a low budget for a starter, before it grows to a large scale.

Why Water Bottle Business?

Low Investment

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to begin your own water bottle business. You can start by buying a bulk water bottle first, and try to sell it through the convenience store near you. If you have a limited budget, it will be great if you can start the business in your neighborhood first, before trying to launch it on a bigger scale. Make a thorough budget spending list, to ensure that you can track every revenue and expenditure of your business. 

Growing Market

Water is something that we will always need throughout our lives. That’s what makes water bottles become a lucrative business that has a constantly growing market.

You can see this from one of the leading companies in this industry such as Nestle. They have been in the water bottle business for around 40 years, and throughout the years they thrive -even grown bigger! You might not be a Nestle overnight just because you open a water bottle business, but this can be a sign that you can also launch a lucrative business.

Better Water Quality

If you order from a trusted and professional water supply company, you can also ensure that you choose water of great quality. You can also choose what kind of water you want. There are many types of water you can choose, from natural spring, alkaline, to purified water. Everything is available within reach. Every type of water has its benefit and function, and you can choose whichever will be suitable for your business!

Useful For An Event

One of the reasons why water bottles can be profitable is because they will be the one thing that people need especially during an event. Be it a small or big event they will need lots of water bottle supply. 

It won’t be hygienic or convenient if the event urges people to use tap water -thus why they need to provide water bottles for the guest. When they have a water bottle in place the guest can just take it whenever they feel thirsty. People who need a water bottle for an event will usually buy the water bottle in bulk for a cheaper price. Selling your water bottle to this market will be very beneficial for you!


If you choose to buy a water bottle from a certain manufacturer they will allow you to design your water bottle packaging with the logos of your business. This is important because having a logo of your company on the packaging will be beneficial for your advertisement and promotional strategy.

You can also choose what kind of packaging you want your bottle to be, is it a plastic one or an aluminum-based package -a more sustainable choice for water bottle packaging. 

Where Can You Get The Water Bottle?

If you want to start a water bottle business, you can start by buying bulk water from a trusted and reliable water supply company such as My Own Water.

My Own Water has a lot of different options regarding the kind of water you will need, and even various types of packaging. You can also design your bottle with your logo as a part of your promotional marketing! 

Now have you realized just how excellent the water bottle business is? This is an excellent opportunity that only requires a little bit of effort from your side, but can give a lot of benefits and profit in the long run.

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