5 Reasons Why Art is Essential for Mobile Games

Game art is a complex area in which, on the one hand, creativity and creativity are embodied, and on the other, a set of functions. The art that will be used in games has a lot of features. It sounds trite, but concept art is a very important stage in almost any game. Concept art is not just an illustration but a working material that will go further. It should be readable and reflect the basis for the further development of games in various directions, or Indie projects. Therefore, if you outsource game art, discuss in detail all the working moments for the RetroStyle Games team’s smooth operation.

The first reason why concept art is so important is visual familiarity. Users may not know what the game is about, but they will already have some ideas and guesses about what awaits them after the first entry into the game. Video games art is a cover that shows the style and possibly the genre of the game (RTS, RPG, Shooter, etc.).

The second equally important reason is the visual enjoyment for the players. In this case, we are talking about the general visual, and not just about the characters. This may include:

  • interface
  • loading screen
  • item or resource icons
  • main menu layout
  • text style, color palette, and background

Such small details create a common style that makes you play again and again. Moreover, as a developer, you showed your best side, which will bring positive feedback from users.

The third reason follows smoothly from the second because by looking at the Concept Art Gallery, you can build a logical chain of the history of a character or location. Gamers are often delighted when the interface becomes part of the story and even the world of nature. With it, you better understand the main character and experience new emotions at the right moments.

The penultimate reason relates to the gameplay part. As we mentioned, no one wants to play an empty game, and a beautiful, sometimes bright or gloomy picture with hundreds of details will help to make the user want to stay in the game longer. For example, costume design is not a separate story, but a tool that supports the image—good design helps to understand who is in front of him. A few clothing elements are enough, not a heap of intricate details.

Last but not least, the 5th reason is uniqueness. Imagine how many games there are on various platforms, and they all have charm and features. To create your style, you can easily use gaming outsourcing services, where artists with extensive experience create a new world that every user will remember.

Video Games Art – First Acquaintance With Game

Art is the visual component of mobile games. Players get their first impression by looking at its graphics. Unfortunately, a conceptually interesting game often pushes the player away with its specific art. And it happens that a graphically beautiful game turns out to be empty and stupid in its plot.

In any case, graphics are significant. It makes no sense to determine what is more important:

  • gameplay
  • graphics
  • mechanics
  • story

Each component is critical. Art allows you to make the first assessment, which, as you know, is firmly fixed in the players’ minds.

Don’t outsource early in development when your artists are working on a concept. At this stage, there is constant discussion and exchange of ideas, and the team must be deeply immersed in the project. Otherwise, the result may not be what you would like to see. But when you have decided on a style and you need to draw a lot of routine and monotonous things – themed locations, holiday skins, events – outsourcing game art will come to the rescue.

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