5 Powerful Local SEO Tips For Lawyers To Improve Client Intake

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Attorneys have understood that to survive in today’s internet-driven world, they need to leverage search engines to promote their practice. Most law firm website owners have a search engine optimization strategy that has been created with the objective of generating more leads. In this post, we are discussing some actionable local SEO tips for lawyers that can have a strong impact on their client intake figures. Most legal practitioners still not have understood that optimizing their firm for local searches can provide them with great benefits. They feel that they can promote themselves among the local populace by using traditional methods. This is not an incorrect approach but they are missing a key fact here. More and more people armed with smart devices are conducting searches for finding products or services in their vicinity. This makes it essential for having an optimization strategy for such searches. Hiring top-level specialist SEO services for lawyers can be a costly proposition for most people who have just started an independent practice. They can use the suggestions provided here to create a local SEO and attorney advertising plan and reap rich rewards.

#1. Select Keywords That Indicate Hiring Intent

Keyword research is the bedrock of any SEO plan. Lawyers usually choose phrases that are related to their practice area or the industry they are looking to serve. When selecting keywords for local search optimization, they must look for terms that indicate hiring intent. It is not necessary that the word “hire” needs to be in the chosen phrase. A term like “tax planning attorney” also indicates that the user is interested in engaging a professional who can help in planning her tax liabilities. Targeting keywords with strong intent means that you can attract more qualified traffic from your location. This will be helpful in improving the chances of getting new clients.

#2. Optimize Your Website With Local Keywords

Once a suitable set of keywords have been identified, then attorneys must optimize their websites for the chosen phrases. Make sure that the terms are included seamlessly in the content of different pages. Remember that the keywords must be inserted only if they fit in naturally into the text. In case, you operate in multiple practice areas or offer more than one service, then each item must have its own separate page. The terms must be added only to the content of the related pages. The title tag of every page must have the related term. For example, “tax planning lawyer in Miami” followed by the name of the attorney or the firm must be used. The meta description of each page must be optimized in a similar fashion.

#3. Create An Optimized Google My Business Page

One of the most important local SEO tips for lawyers is to create an optimized Google My Business page for their firm. Provide the name, address, and phone number of your practice to the service. Make sure that all this information is consistent across all digital properties that you own. Instead of including a mobile number, add a local number so that the area code can identify your business with the location. Select all the categories in which your firm offers its services. Mention your office’s working hours and also add some pictures. Add a description that includes the firm’s name, location, and relevant keywords. An optimized GMB page can help you in appearing in the 3-pack results of related searches.

#4. Build A Strong Presence On Online Directories

Search engines will start identifying you as a reputable local law firm once they come across various dependable citations. This can be done by adding your practice to business directories. There are various platforms that focus solely on the legal industry. You can create your profiles on such resources and remember that the NAP (name, address, phone) information on all the channels must be the same as that mentioned in your GMB listing. It will also be beneficial to join high-quality and popular business directories like Yelp. Finally, attorneys must get them listed on all local online resources like yellow pages, business forums, etc.

#5. Invest In Local Content Marketing

In case, you have an SEO plan, then you must be using content marketing to promote your firm. You must also employ local content marketing to create a strong impression on the audience in your vicinity. Create material that addresses the issues that are specific to the local audience. For instance, a new county tax that is affecting local businesses can be a good topic to target potential clients. This will impress the people and they will consider you as a valuable resource that can be used for resolving the issue. It will also improve your online presence in local searches related to the subject.


These powerful local SEO tips for lawyers will help them in building an effective plan to target the local audience. Creating a strong presence in their geographical location will help attorneys in building a large user base to sustain their practice.

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