5 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Skateboard In Good Condition

So, you just bought a new skateboard, and it’s in great condition. However, just like any other equipment, it will wear down with time which is unavoidable. But with proper skateboard maintenance, you can extend the life of your board.

It’s very easy to maintain a skateboard and everybody can do it. All you need is some simple tools and products like a screwdriver, axle, and tape, among others. If you have a skateboard and are unsure where to start, we have you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss the top tips that will help keep your skateboard in good condition. Take a look!

Replace Your Wheels If They Start Deteriorating

Worn-out skateboard wheels can be dangerous to ride on; they can easily cause an accident resulting in an injured knee or broken leg. That’s why it’s essential to check the condition of your wheels now and then. Some signs indicate you need to get new wheels, including irregular-shaped wheels, coning, or visible signs of flat spots. If you need fresh wheels, you want to check terrain tires for your skateboard.

A fresh set of wheels enhances your skateboard performance and makes your board comfortable to ride on. After replacing your wheels, you must maintain them properly to extend their lifespan. You can do so by rotating your wheels regularly, cleaning the wheels frequently, and avoiding skating on rough surfaces.

Clean Your Bearings Regularly

Dirt, dust, and other debris can find their way into your board’s bearings, affecting its performance. So, it’s important to clean them regularly. The frequency in which you clean your bearings depends on how often you skate; it’s advised to clean them every three months if you skate regularly.

Minor bearing cleaning can be done by dripping drops of lubricant on the outside of each bearing and then spinning them. For a deep clean, you first need to remove the wheels. You then have to remove the bearings from your wheels using an axle. After that, soak the bearings in a solvent or a cleaner that’s not water-based to help remove the dirt. You can use alcohol, acetone, or mineral spirits, but use gloves when using these cleaners. Once all the dirt is removed, dry your bearings using a paper towel or a dry rag. After they are dry, re-lubricate the bearings to avoid friction when skating.

Avoid Skating When It’s Wet Or Rainy

While skating is a fun activity, skating on wet surfaces or when it’s raining decreases the lifespan of your skateboard. Your skateboard deck is made from plywood, meaning it can absorb water making the deck soggy. Skating in wet conditions makes your deck waterlogged, thus losing its pop and can cause delamination with time.

It’s not only the deck that’s affected by water; bearings, too, don’t like water. Water dissolves the lubricant that helps the bearings spin, which causes your bearings to rust. Rust makes your bearings make weird noises, and when dirt or dust adds to the rust, your bearings can no longer function. To avoid this, occasionally lubricate your bearings to lengthen their lifespan.

Another reason to avoid skating in wet conditions is that it causes your screws and bolts to rust. While bolts and screws are cheap and easy to replace, it’s best to avoid skating in the rain.

Avoid Leaving Your Skateboard Outdoor

It’s a bad idea to keep skateboards outdoors. There are numerous reasons for this, including being wrecked or theft. Skateboards should also be protected from extreme weather conditions. During rainfall, your board can absorb water and be damaged when left outside; even covering it isn’t enough as it gets humid and can absorb moisture.

Extreme hot weather will also wear down your bushings and wheels quickly. Keep in mind that when bushings get hot, they wear down quickly. Also, the sand and dust that comes with hot weather may find their way into your bearings, causing damage if not regularly cleaned.

To avoid all this, design a skateboard rack inside your house. This won’t only protect your board from harsh weather but also make it easy to look after it whenever you need to.

Replace Your Grip Tape When It Wears Out

Your grip tape can wear down sooner while your deck is still in good shape. In such a case, don’t buy another deck but rather replace your grip tape. You can use a knife to cut the edges of the tape to loosen it. Then using a pair of pliers, carefully peel off the old grip tape and stick a new one on the deck. If the grip tape is hard to peel off, use a hair dryer to heat it until it loses its cohesion.


It’s essential to properly maintain your skateboard to extend its lifespan. Double-check it before and after every ride to determine potential issues and rectify them for a safe ride. If you have trouble applying any of the above tips, you can seek help from friends and family or contact a qualified mechanic.

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