5 Items For Women Who Always Wear Heels

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By Jaylin

Are you the type of woman who always rocks heels? It’s important to have foot care products in your wardrobe that will make your day a little easier. They can help ease foot pain and tiredness after an entire day of wearing stilettos or wedged heels.

Additionally, a pair of high heels can constrict your feet and cause stress, ultimately leading to pain. To help you out, here are a few essentials you might need when you love wearing heels.

1. Gel Inserts

Gel inserts are one of the cheapest essentials you should have when you love wearing heels. These practical materials can make you wear your heels longer without feeling pain or discomfort. Additionally, gel inserts can also provide better stress distribution, reducing possible ball-of-foot pain.

Additionally, gel inserts are also considered economical essentials because they are reusable. They can also help prevent friction sores by serving as cushions to promote better arch support and comfort for your feet. These inserts are soft and smooth on your feet, so you’re guaranteed not to feel anything unusual, even when wearing them with your heels.

2. High Heel Paddings

Aside from gel inserts, high heel paddings are also a great way to provide arch support for your feet when wearing heels, preventing muscle strain. These paddings also come in transparent adhesive inserts, which are perfect when wearing strappy heels. They are more discreet, so people would not notice you’re wearing one.

When choosing high heel paddings, you must choose the type and brand that will provide the best snug fit for your feet. In this way, your feet will not move back and forth inside your heels.

Aside from the usual silicone paddings you often see people using when wearing heels, moleskin paddings are also available. These paddings are more suitable for people with blisters who still prefer wearing heels. Additionally, the moleskin material helps cover your existing blisters and prevent new ones from forming.

3. Blister Plasters and Band-Aids

When you intend to wear your strappy heels at work or an event, it’s normal for your feet to hurt or calluses and blisters to show up. With this, you must always be prepared and bring band-aids and blister plasters. While these materials cannot help add support or distribute stress on your feet more evenly, they can protect your blisters from more pain and infection.

4. Compression or Flight Socks

It’s natural to feel heel pain after wearing your heels the entire day; compression socks can help with that. One of the main benefits of flight socks is the increase in your feet’s blood flow by allowing your blood vessels to work better. These socks are the best socks to wear after removing your heels because they help relax your feet’s muscles, increasing the support on your ankle.

5. Anti-Friction Balm

Your feet can also benefit from anti-friction balm, similar to how your lips can be less dry when applying lip balm. Anti-friction balms can prevent your feet from getting more blisters because they lubricate your foot’s skin. With this, less friction is generated between your heels and feet, especially when wearing strappy ones.

Anti-friction balms work as a protective coating, letting your shoe slide over your foot without chafing or scraping your skin. When applying the balm, apply a single layer on your foot before wearing heels. Moreover, it’s best to always bring your balm with you so you can reapply it anytime throughout the day.

Protect Your Feet When Wearing Heels

Wearing heels can totally change the way you feel about yourself. However, you must protect your feet when wearing them to avoid painful injuries, blisters, and muscle strain. Hopefully, with the essential items mentioned, you can wear your favorite shoes without dealing with any pain.

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