5 great locations for buying the perfect family home in 6 easy steps

Last year gave us all the opportunity to reflect on our lifestyles.  Being confined to base for extended periods led many people to reconsider how where they live, and how they work. Many more of us can now work online, there is far less incentive to purchase a home within commuting distance of our work. So if you’re considering purchasing a new home for your family there’s now a whole new range of options to consider.

The obvious first step is to choose your preferred environment.  At this stage, no need to be too specific.

The city

City living has the advantage of unlimited opportunities for leisure and social activities, entertainment, and a wide choice of schools

The country

Want to raise your kids to appreciate the natural environment and enjoy an active lifestyle that isn’t based on screens and technology? Buying a house with some land is an obvious choice.

The coast

If you’re a beach and sea lover, basing yourself on or near the coast will ensure that your preferred leisure activities are within easy reach.

The suburbs

With their reputation for safe, peaceful neighborhoods and a strong sense of community, suburban developments are understandably popular. At the same time, it’ll be easy to access the facilities of a city.

The world

If your work allows you the freedom to work from anywhere, you may decide to locate to another country and give your kids the experience of growing up in a new environment.  Australia is a popular destination, with eastern and Sunshine Coast developments being high on the list of desirable locations for the new breed of tech-based workers.

Once you’ve decided which environment will suit your family best, it’s time to follow some easy steps and purchase the ideal home for your needs.

Set your budget

It’s important to be realistic about how much you want and can afford to spend on your new home.  Is building your own home, and creating something truly unique, an option for you? Take into account any loans you’ll be ready to take, and the cost of repaying those over time. Also factor in moving expenses, furniture, external upgrades, etc.

Decide on the essentials

Create a checklist of ‘must-haves’ for your new home. Outside space? Good schools nearby? Extra bedrooms or office space?

Choose your ideal location

Now decide your target location – but be prepared to be flexible- if it should be out of your price range, go for something more affordable but which still ticks all the boxes on your essentials list.  I

Do your homework

Now, the fun part. Start your search on the major property platforms to get an idea of what’s available, and the typical market values for what you want. Connect with local realtors with your list of ‘must-haves’ and investigate the local area in-depth.

Negotiate, negotiate

Finally, once you’ve identified your future dream home in the perfect location for your family, don’t be afraid to negotiate hard for fear of losing it. A motivated seller will always want to hold on to a motivated buyer!

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