5 Essential Web Design Trends for 2019

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Web design is a fast moving and constantly evolving field. Here are 5 of the most important trends over the last year that look set to continue into 2019.

Dynamic Layout

The majority of internet browsing is now done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This has required websites of all varieties and niches to adapt to these new technologies. Not only are users now browsing on smaller screens, they are also mostly interacting with websites through touchscreen interfaces.

One of the most important ways in which a modern website should show consideration for mobile users is through the use of a Dynamic Page Builder. This means that the website is able torearrange itself according to the specifications of the device it is being viewed on. This ensures that users have the best possible experience, regardless of the device they browse on.


Cinemagraphs are a relatively recent addition to the world of web designs. These are static images, of which a small section is animated. This allows websites to display animations without requiring users to download relatively large video files.As we mentioned above, most of the browsers on your website will likely be on mobile devices, they will therefore appreciate not having to download large media files.

Minimalist Design

Those of us who remember the earliest days of the internet will remember how common it used to be for websites to contain numerous needless elements. When websites are cluttered, they become more difficult to navigate and use. Minimalist web design makes use of empty, or negative, space in order to enhance the elements that are on the page.

Minimalist website design isn’t just another consideration for your mobile users, it also offers a number of other advantages. For one thing, adopting a minimalist approach will encourage you to think carefully about the purpose of every new element you consider adding to a page. A minimalist web design will also mean a website that loads faster, both when users first load the webpage, and when they are scrolling through the site.

Turn Off Autoplay

This is important if you don’t want your website to be frustrating for new visitors to use. In fact, many people will click straight off a website if, the moment they land on it, it starts playing video and audio without giving the user a choice. Embedding videos into your website can be an excellent way of supplementing other content, but you should make sure the user has to click on it to make it play.

Add a Blog

Whatever the primary function of your website is, adding a blog is an excellent way of both bringing in new traffic, and making regulars out of your existing users. A blog is especially effective at enhancing ecommerce websites. For example, have a look at Usautoauthority.com. The blog on their website is relevant to the products they sell, and the information they provide will help customers make purchasing decisions.

These are a small selection of the web design trends that your users will expect you to be implementing as standard. The last thing you want is a website that feels outdated, so you should therefore keep an eye on each of these trends to see how they develop over the next year.

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