3d Vs 6d Microblading – Get the Difference

Eyebrows can change the way you look. It is a great facial feature enhancer for both women and men. They are indeed age-defying and look enhancers especially for the eyes. Very less percentage are born with a perfect pair of eyebrows. Threading and plucking are age-old, traditional, and temporary methods of shaping up the eyebrows. It comes with its own share of risks. One single incorrect pluck of a tiny brow can change the entire angle, length, and breadth. It could be a massive spoiler and dampener of the entire face. Eyebrow embroidery has given a completely new definition of looking good.

Eyebrow embroidery provides a lot more than one can imagine. It fills the gaps; reconstructs the brows, gives shape, provides coverage to the over-plucked areas. With ageing it is common for eyebrows to become lighter and thinner. On the other hand, many are born with light, thin, thick, shapeless or very scanty eyebrows. Opting for traditional ways of plucking and threading is painful and tedious. Drawing and shaping brows everyday is also cumbersome. Providing permanent solution to all eyebrows related styling can be easily handled by eyebrow embroidery. The entire procedure is set to make you look beautiful from each aspect.

3D and 6D eyebrow embroidery with microblading are trending and have a high demand. These are two techniques that are combined with microblading. Let’s see what are they all about, and the difference between the two.

3D eyebrow embroidery is meant for those who wish to make their thin eyebrows thick, giving it extra width, boldness and strength. Stroking technique is applied with the help of machines in combination with 3D eyebrow embroidery. On the other hand, 6D eyebrow embroidery is a fairly new technique being practised with the use of blades. Unlike 3D, no machines are used in 6D. Natural looking eyebrow embroidery is done matching exactly the same colour and texture as you are born with. 6D eyebrow embroidery is used to make thick and bold eyebrows thin and sharp.

History and advent of 3D and 6D eyebrow embroidery techniques.

Asia is the first continent to have introduced and used the 3D technique for the first time several years ago. With experience and the passing of time, the needles used in 3D technique became thinner. Results of these are more natural looking and defined eyebrows. Thickness, strokes, and placement depending from one person to another are the definitive features to ascertain which 3D embroidery technique to apply. There are further classifications in 3D techniques. It purely depends upon the clients’ demand and expectations about which trend to follow.

6D eyebrow embroidery technique is fairly new and applies the finest and the thinnest of the needles for more accuracy and naturalness. It provides best results in terms of crisp, fine and very definitive eyebrows. It is a time-consuming process taking up to 3 hours of undivided craftsmanship. Yes, eyebrow embroidery is an art. There is absolutely no place for any error.

Procedure for 3D and 6D techniques.

Be it 3D or 6D eyebrow embroidery, both require the same amount of time. Approximately 3 hours to complete the entire step by step procedure. To begin with, the experts first and foremost add color pigments to the skin in order to fill up the gaps. Then a process called feather mechanism is applied in order to give natural looking color pigments that make the eyebrows look absolutely natural in the end. As on date, both the procedures are highly in demand across the globe and are easy on the pocket too. Avail free consultation and then decide which procedure suits the best for your style.

Please check the below-mentioned procedure that you will be going through for best results in eyebrow embroidery.

  1. Eyebrow expert/beautician will first make a drawing of the existing eyebrow.
  2. Followed by the application of local anesthesia (a cream) for making the defined area numb. It takes 15-20 minutes for the cream to start acting.
  3. Now comes the stage when 3D or 6D techniques will be applied taking up to 3 hours to finish.
  4. Post completion again a cream is applied to provide a soothing effect on the worked area. As it tends to become red and soft.
  5. After a month follow-up is done in case a touch-up is required and felt by the client.

3D and 6D steps are mostly similar with a difference in only the technique. It entirely depends upon sharpening, thickening or thinning requirements of the clients for eyebrow embroidery. The entire procedure will be sustaining itself for a year, provided they are well taken care of, just like your original eyebrows.

Where does the actual difference lie in 3D and 6D microblading technique?

The 3D technique is relatively easier than the 6D technique. Microblading in 6D is intensive and complex. Primarily because the angle and pattern of embroidery and hair stroke have to be the same as it is in natural growth pattern. Thus, the outcome is natural, sharp, and satisfying. It requires more strokes and extra finesse for great results.

6D is less painful as compared to 3D because the needles used are ultra thin. Both of these techniques are semi-permanent in nature, with a lifespan of almost a year. Cost of 3D techniques lies in between $300-$400 whereas 6D will cost you around $680. Jessie is our main artist and hand behind all the hard work that goes with 3D or 6D eyebrow embroidery. Book an appointment today and try our free consultation. We promise to make your look and appearance much more confident, expressive and bring in very new YOU. Check our website for the latest offers and promotions going for 6D eyebrow embroidery.

Eyes are the most prominent part of your face. They have their own language and expression. Guarding those is the unique set of eyebrows you are born with. We are here to make eyebrows more beautiful, eyes more prominent and expressive with our unique 3D & 6D microblading eyebrow embroidery, zero pain, long-lasting beautifying evolutionary demanding, easy on pocket techniques.


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