5 Decoration Tips For Your Dorm Room

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Dorm rooms are usually dull and boring. The institution isn’t interested in decorating your life. They just want a place for you to lay your back after a hard day’s work. Even if they had the funds, it is unlikely they would turn your room into the paradise you wish for. It is up to you to do that. College is a temporary place where you are in for only a given period of time, so any decorations you want to undertake will have to be temporary and can be easily done away with. Here are tips on how to turn your dorm room into a place of beauty;

Try fabric wallpapers

A piece of fabric can make up for wonderful wallpapers. They aren’t costly and very easy to take off at the shortest notice. With paint sprays, you can even turn the fabrics into whatever art piece you like every now and then. All it takes is a wash and the artwork you want out is gone. This brings personality to your room in a way your bedding can’t.

Go for paper mosaic from a scrapbook

Mosaics are undoubtedly a beauty. They are even more amazing when you use scrapbooking paper. It won’t dent your wallet much to purchase the paper and wall-safe adhesive dots. The best part is that you are at liberty to use whatever colors you like.

Vintage print for wallpaper

If you are an arts, music or literature student, you can use music sheets, newspaper cuttings and book excerpts for your wallpaper. Apart from making your room an art center, it also gives you the inspiration you need through each new day. If you are the adventurous and humorous type, you can use Meme Cartoon Generator to make memes and print for your wallpaper.

Use duct tapes

When creatively woven, duct tapes can create patterns that turn your room into a masterpiece. No mess to clean up after you are done putting it up too. You can work around with different colors of tapes and be as adventurous as you want. When it’s time to move, you just have to peel it off and throw into the dustbin. It is a very cheap way of decorating your room.

A memo board

Instead of spending your money on sticky notes that you keep misplacing, why not turn one wall of the room into a memo board? This especially works if you are a Science or Nursing student with a busy schedule and constantly need reminders of what to expect of a new day when you wake up. Be as creative as you can.

Go for decals

Just like everything trendy, decals did their time and lost their appeal after a while. Artists are however finding new ways of reinventing the good old decals and you can get some creative and imaginative pieces if you shop around art centers. You can get one for a certain part of your room, or decide to fill up a whole wall with decals. Even if they are not that fashionable, they can still light up your room.

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