5 Common SEO Mistakes To Be Avoid

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in helping your website rank higher on different search engines. Every website owner is trying to optimize his site using one or the other SEO techniques. If you want to rank higher on Google or any other search engines, you have to perform SEO. Methods of SEO are constantly evolving and to reach on top, businesses tend to make some Common SEO Mistakes that might lead to an imposed penalty or a ban from Search Engines. So, here are five most common SEO mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Wrong Keyword Choice

Choosing a wrong keyword is one of the most common SEO mistakes. Websites tend to select keywords that they think will rank higher on search engines without doing proper research. Therefore its very important to hire an SEO expert who after adequate research will select the keywords that will be most searched and will have least competition. So avoiding this type of mistake becomes a necessary thing.

Not Hiring An Expert

If you are not hiring an SEO expert for doing SEO of your website and thinking that it is just a Do It yourself thing, then you might land in troubles. SEO is a complete job which requires knowledge of keywords, search engine algorithms, strategies and a lot more. Therefore, DIY is not the final way out. Instead, you should hire a real SEO professional who can help you avoid the competition as well as stay on top of all the trends.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing, i.e., using keywords in almost every sentence of your content thinking that it might boost your rankings is another common mistake that websites tend to make.
Stuffing keywords is not a good strategy; in fact, it makes your website look spammy and is considered as a Black Hat technique. As a result, your rankings might go down as well you may be penalized or banned. So use your keywords strategically. Create good content and never stuff.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate is never the right thing to do. If you use any material that is also available somewhere else on the internet, then that is bad for the SEO of your website. Having duplicate content on your site could lead to your content removed entirely from the search results. So to avoid this kind of mistake, make sure that your content is unique and original. Set up canonical tags on your website to remove any such issue. Check out your content from: https://www.copyscape.com/

Using Spammy Links

So to get fast ranking, websites start to obtain additional links from sites that might turn out to be spammy. Also using irrelevant links in your content can result in low rankings. Always make sure that you use quality and relevant links on your website. Also, do not buy links from spammy sites or take part in link exchange techniques.

Therefore, businesses must make sure that they do not perform these five common SEO mistakes on their website. Such errors might lead to huge consequences as well as complete exclusion of site from search engine rankings.

Wynn Zhou
Wynn Zhou

Wynn Zhou, Wynn Zhou is the founder of Novage Communications a web design and marketing strategy company in Singapore. She is specialize in Marketing and Branding.

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