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Do you find your parents struggling with never-ending health issues? Have you been thinking of the common elderly health issues that are hovering around your parents’ lives?

According to the UNDESA survey, it is projected that by 2025, 158.7 million people would be reaching the age mark of 60 years. With aging comes wrinkles, freckles, memory loss problems, and some health issues, too. Considering this scenario, it’s extremely essential to have an insight into the upcoming challenges for elders and measures to prevent them.

Read on to know more about the common elderly health issues and make yourselves aware to avoid the risk of such problems.


One of the most common problems faced by elderly people is Arthritis. A problem that can lead to pain making it difficult for the elders to walk, move, or bend. It is a chronic progressive musculoskeletal disorder that makes it important to practice a routine of daily physical exercises in order to maintain easy mobility of bones and muscles which would help in reducing the joint pains. As per the latest survey, around 22%-29% of the elder population suffers from arthritis due to long sitting duration, diabetes, and obesity.

Mental Health Disorders

According to the WHO, around 15% of people over sixty years of age get affected by various mental illnesses including anxiety issues, depression, stress, etc. Encouraging and nourishing a healthy routine and home care services so as to keep them engaged with family love and support can help in getting rid of such disorders. Mental health illnesses account for 18% of suicidal deaths in the elderly which needs to be eradicated with a proper awareness of mental health for all generations.

Cognitive Health Issues

Revolving around a person’s ability to think, respond, learn, and remember- the most common cognitive health issue faced by the senior citizens is dementia. As per the statistics, approximately 4 million people are affected by dementia in India. While there is no cure for dementia, it is extremely important to predict it in the early stages to manage the disease with proper medications and home care services.

Physical Injuries

As per the WHO survey, the incidence of falls was found to be 14% of the total population. Elders struggle with various physical injuries, be it chronic or acute, including ankle sprains, hip dislocation, lower back injuries, head traumas, and more. Elderly injuries should not be taken lightly as in the case of young people as it can leave serious effects on the old-aged people. Managing and treating these injuries with utmost care using nursing care services is important as the elders need your love, affection, and attention at all times of the day!

Heart Diseases

According to the 2020 statistics, 8.1 million elderly citizens are diagnosed with heart diseases whereas this number is expected to hit a 19.1 million mark by the year 2050. Heart diseases increase with age as high blood pressure and imbalanced cholesterol escalate the risk of cardiac arrests in the elderly. Exercise and a daily work-out is a must to keep the body healthily active and engaged.

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