5 Best Fabrics For Womenswear This Summer

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By Jaylin

It is Summer! Yes, it is that time of the year when you start thinking about going to beaches and swimming pools with family and friends, preferably with a cold beverage right next to you.

But do not forget that this is also the time to pull out all your summer essentials, including light and breezy outfits. With summer dresses from Walker wear, you get the chance to pick smart fabrics that will keep you cool and relaxing through the hot summers.

Fabrics play a pivotal role in making or breaking an outfit. Light and breathable materials are the most appropriate for summers because most people tend to sweat a lot more during the summer.

So, before you pick your exotic summer clothes, it is essential to know the fabric it is made of.


Cotton is one of the most well-known summer fabrics, known for its cooling and breathable aspect. The tiny, hollow gaps present in the fabric make it breezier and summer-friendly.

Cotton as a fabric allows the air to flow well through the fibers and can quickly expel your sweat. Thanks to their versatility and durable nature, they are perfect for summer wear.

What better than an airy cotton dress or top to hit the beach?


Linen is yet another natural fabric renowned for its durability and breathability. Though it is slightly a costlier choice than cotton, linen is a much-preferred material for designing chic and minimalistic clothes.

Made with flax fibers, linen allows the air to flow seamlessly and makes your dresses super comfortable and light for summer. With Walker wear linen dresses and tops, you can create a new distinct look this summer.

Moreover, linen never sticks to your body when you sweat, unlike other fabrics. Thus, your skin gets enough room to sweat and cool down.


Like its counterparts, silk is yet another summer-friendly fabric with antibacterial properties and fantastic ventilation.

The fabric can easily absorb moisture and let your skin breathe amid humidity. Unlike rayon or linen, silk has a softer and breezy texture making it more pleasant to wear.

Moreover, silk has a natural flowy and glossy element, making it appropriate for occasional wear.


Rayon is a blend of cotton, wood pulp, and other synthetic fibers, unlike natural fibers. It is a more reasonable and budget-friendly silk alternative.

Additionally, rayon will never cling to your body when you sweat continuously. This provides added convenience and space, helping your skin feel fresh all the time. Rayon is used extensively in various clothing brands that you find online.

Due to its breathable nature and a seamless blend, rayon should be on your list of summer fabrics this season.


You need not shun your denim pants or shorts just because it’s summer. Chambray is an incredible alternative to denim. Though it looks the same, chambray denim is lighter and airier, making it excellent for the warm summer months.

For an edgy summer look, go for chambray, which will offer the same look as denim but offer more solace this summer season.

With so many options available in the market, it can be pretty challenging to choose something that not only looks trendy but is also comfortable. When you opt for apparel made from these uber cool fabrics, you can make your summers less sweaty and a lot more breezier.

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