4 Types of Exercise for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Achieving a healthy body and lifestyle may require adequate time and effort. One way to achieve this is by using the available ways and options, including doing exercises. Exercise is a great way to be physically active, thus reducing the risk of diseases and helping achieve a healthier mind and body.

Part of the many reasons why a person should practice exercise is to increase body strength and energy that are necessary for the body to survive. Many people may or may not already know the different types of exercise, limiting their ability to perform other types.

If you are new or are still exploring different exercises that would suit you, find no further, as here are the four types of exercises you might need to know.

1. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that includes simple activities such as walking, cycling, running, swimming, or any other that involves cardiovascular conditioning. The aerobic exercise aims to improve and speed up heart rate and breathing. Simply put, it helps condition the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body.

Aerobic exercises are also performed in a short amount of time but require great effort. Other exercises you can do at home or the gym include the following:

  • Jump Rope. This exercise can be done easily with a proper jump rope length that should match your height to avoid tripping and other risks. You can do the exercise for about 15 to 20 minutes. This helps enhance body awareness, coordination, and agility.
  • Stationary Bike. This exercise can help improve leg strength and develop cardiovascular endurance. Doing it for 35 to 45 minutes is enough to achieve body strength. You can either do it at the gym with help from a professional instructor, or doing it at home is a choice, too, but that is if you have the equipment to use.
  • Zumba. One easy aerobic exercise you can do is Zumba. All you need is good music to groove with and enough space to move around. Not only can it promote heart health and body coordination, but it is also helpful in removing mind and body stresses. You can do it for about an hour or more every session.

As the body grows old, different conditions can unexpectedly occur. Thus, if needed, it is vital to be prepared with proper lifestyle, consultation, and prescriptions. Although medication costs can be a burden, finding ways like BuzzRX prescription discounts can significantly help save some money. Of course, this should come with proper exercises to help the body easily recover and maintain strength.

2. Strength Exercise

Strength exercise allows the body to build muscle mass gradually lost as people age. Strength training exercises may include simple daily activities like carrying groceries, gardening, going upstairs, or lifting any heavy objects around you.

Strength exercises help strengthen the body, promote bone growth, and enhance body posture. Exercises you can do to improve strength include squatting, bench pressing, or deadlifting.

  • Squats. It is important you get the proper posture by slowly bending your hips and knees, straight back, and then getting back up in your starting position. You can do this exercise 8 to 12 times per session.
  • Bench Press. This exercise will require you to press your back on the chair or a flat and lift off weights by maintaining a neutral spine position. Bench Press helps improve strength and upper body endurance.

3. Balance Exercise

Balance exercises are simply exercises that improve your balance. This is especially important, especially for older people. Some of these exercises include yoga or tai chi. Physical therapists are also professionals that can help you improve your balance abilities. Simple balance exercises you do include the following:

  • Single Leg Stance. All you need is a chair or any countertops around you. Stand in one place with one foot up and hold it for 30 seconds. You can also try doing it with your eyes closed to improve balance and stability.
  • Tandem Walking. To do this exercise, you need to walk in a straight line with one foot touching the toes of the other foot. Maintaining an upright posture is also necessary to improve balance. You can do ten steps per session.

4. Flexibility Exercise

Flexibility exercises can be done through stretching. This exercise aims to improve muscles and tendons, thus decreasing risks for muscle cramps, damage, and pain. Daily activities like tying your shoes or anything that requires you to bend down can be manageable with a flexible body. Backstretch, ankle stretch and pilates are some simple but beneficial exercises you can do to maintain a healthy and flexible body.


Giving your body enough attention is one effective way to improve health and overall lifestyle. Knowing the different types of exercises will help you focus on what your body needs and give you options to improve your physical strength and condition.

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