4 Signs of Knowing If You Have Bed Bugs in Your Room

If you are wondering what is keeping you awake at night, and why you are experiencing redness and itchiness on your skin every morning, then let me end your confusion, my friend. You are being haunted by the night creepers- bed bugs!

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped insects which are reddish-brown in color. They are hardly the size of an apple seed but can drive you crazy. They depend on animals and humans to grow and usually come out to feed at night when their victims are sleeping. Although they do not have a history of transmitting disease, they are still a concern for your health and hygiene. It is always recommended to seek professional bed bug exterminator help if you are facing the same problem.

People sometimes get confused and are not able to distinguish between the bite of a bed bug and mosquito bite. To clear your doubts, following are the symptoms which will help you to identify if you have bed bugs in your room.

1. Identify the bites: The bite from the bed bugs usually cause your sin to develop itchy bumps with a clear center. This itchiness and redness causes a burning sensation and is very painful. Bug bites can bite you on any of the exposed are; your face, hands, arms, shoulders, back or any other area which is exposed. Bug bites are also usually grouped together unlike the bites of some other insects. It is not necessary that every person will experience the same reaction; some might even experience blisters; others may not have any reaction at all.

2. Examine your room: If you are experiencing these kinds of bites, you should move onto another step in order to confirm your doubt. Jordan Larson from CustomBedBug.com says that if you think you have bed bugs, you can check for them in your curtains, at the edge of carpets, under loose wallpaper, or in electrical outlets. You can strip down your mattress and check for their signs. You can also use a flashlight while searching for the reddish-brown spots.

3. Observe the smell: Bed bugs usually have a peculiar kind of odor. So you can make use of your smelling ability in order to search for them. Bed bugs are known to produce pheromones when they feel that they are in danger and someone is going to kill them. Their pheromones have a kind of strange, strong and sickly sweet smell which can be identified easily.

4. Other symptoms: Having uncomfortable nights are also the symptoms of having bed bugs inside your bed or in fact, the entire room. People who already suffer from some allergies can get more affected by the bed bugs. People who get major reactions or whose bites are quite severe can get problems like difficulty in breathing, fatigue, fever, swollen tongue, and nausea; but these are all very rare possibilities.

There are lots of treatments that you can opt for, in order to get rid of these night-creepers. Instead of treating these bugs yourself, you should call a professional who has good experience in dealing with them.

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