4 AFL Fixtures You Don’t Want To Miss This Year

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By Jaylin

One word: spectacular! If you didn’t get to watch the match between Melbourne and North Melbourne, you missed out on all the fun. After more than 50 years, the demons sailed to a thundering victory over North Melbourne in the 7th round of the 2021 season. Currently, the league championship cup is securely stored somewhere in the demons’ strongbox, and as things quieten down on players’ transfer period, the fans can now look forward to the next season.

A few months ago, the AFL released the 2022 contest and it’s interesting to see the Western Bulldogs will rule in peak time, while the ‘top four’ in Victoria will clash with each other two times and definitely be highlighted as a roaring start in Melbourne. Other than these, there are many other things to look out for and be excited about for this AFL season. From exciting games filled with hard feelings to big feuds and superstars playing against their former teams, the 2022 AFL fixture is already satisfying.

Note these four matches in your calendar to make sure you won’t want to miss them.

The Replay (Melbourne vs. Western Bulldogs)

Two words: don’t miss. This will be the 1st round taking place on March 16 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) at around 7 pm. You might have stopped wondering why the AFL slotted this epic rematch before Carlton vs. Richmond as the new season-inaugural match.

This clash has something spicy about it: first, the developing enmity following rumors of discord between the two sides in Perth in 2021. Secondly, the Bulldogs will be eager to even the score on their saddening loss last year. What’s more, Melbourne will be playing at Melbourne Cricket Ground in front of their fans.

So, make sure to get your ticket early for this anticipated Dreamtime match and see them unveil their first flag in more than five decades.

Old Brother Vs. Not Very Young Brother (GWS Giants vs. Sydney Swans)

This is a clash that will take place on March 19 at Accor Stadium at around 5 pm. Whenever these two teams meet, there’s always some extra excitement in it. For instance, GWS Giants thrashed Sydney Swans in the eliminations and the GWS Giants have beaten them three consecutive times during the playoffs.

The Sydney’s are coming with everything they’ve got. You don’t want to miss this. However, it will be disappointing that their full-forward Toby Greene will miss the first five meets of the current season due to suspension.

A Clash With A Different Feel (West Coast Eagles vs. Fremantle)

This match will take place on April 3 at Optus Stadium from 6:20 pm. It’ll be the autumn season, but don’t let the weather deter you; this might be one of the most attractive or tempting games as West Coast Eagles and Fremantle roll up their sleeves.

Remember, the Dockers broke their six-year defeat to the Eagles and will be eager to maintain the momentum. Additionally, after several years this time, the Fremantle are favorites to have a bona fide opportunity to close higher than their WA peers. The fans might just realize where the two teams stand very early in the season.

Old Adversaries Clash Again (Hawthorn vs. Geelong Cats)

The Melbourne Cricket Ground will host a round 5 clash between the Hawks and the Cats on Monday, April 18, at 3:20 pm. The fact is a lot of players from the last decade are now retired, but it’s interesting to note that there’s little love lost between the Hawks and the Cats. Here’s the spice, Sam Mitchell, the new Hawthorn boss, played a part in football’s greatest rivalry, and there’s no doubt he will not be too soft on the Geelong Cats. It will be interesting to see how Mitchell will handle things this season. The supporters don’t like each other either, making this match an epic face-off that you can’t afford to miss.

Final thoughts

Australians and the world are hoping that this is the season that the AFL will go back to normal. After being close to three years, the states have guaranteed that the league shouldn’t require hubs this season. Besides AFL events, you can also look forward to other big sports events that may happen this year. So, grab those tickets early to make sure you won’t miss any of these exciting events.

As an enthusiastic fan, you can go back to weekend customs and supports your favorite team. You can also enjoy watching your favorite sports events live.

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