10 Popular Live Saltwater Plants for Your Aquarium

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Do you like bringing the natural environment of the sea in your aquarium by decorating it with plants and other decorations? Firstly, know about different types of saltwater plants that are the best to keep in a marine aquarium. Keeping Live Saltwater Plants will not only act as ornamentation, but it also oxygenates the home of the saltwater fish.

However, try to choose appropriate plants for each aquatic species because every fish is not comfortable with every type of saltwater plants. Thrive beauty in your fish tank by adorning it with stunning marine saltwater aquarium plants for beginners which are easy to care.

Different Beginner-Friendly Marine Water Plants

You will get many aquatic plants from the deep sea and ocean. Know about different types of aquatic plants that are suitable for your saltwater tank plants.

1. Red Mangrove Propagule

Red Mangrove trees are produced in two ways that are by producing propagule and by forming large seeds. The seeds of Mangrove don’t grow much well in the environment of an aquarium, but if you take proper care of the fish, then it grows well in a tank because it is a hardy saltwater plant.

This plant looks like a long candle because of its thin shape and long height which is about 6-8” (15.24-20.32 cm). It can be planted between rocks or in the sand. The roots of this aquatic plant can take hold easily if proper lighting is mounted on the topmost part of the tank. This plant requires iron supplements to grow well, and it helps in lower nitrates. Moreover, this plant can dwell in both saltwater and freshwater aquarium, and this is a beginner-friendly plant.

 Plants for Your Aquarium

2. Turtle Grass Shoots

The appearance of this plant is quite simple, but it is really fun to watch it. The leaves of this aquatic plant grow like sprouts constantly from the end part of the stem. While planting it in an aquarium, it is necessary to keep sandy substrate that is about 6” (15.24 cm) deep and have enough space to spread its roots widely. If the roots of this plant are not spread, then it cannot grow well.

You have to arrange strong light in its tank because it needs strong light about ten hours in a day to grow properly. Small fish breeds, invertebrates, and seahorses can grow well in the tank of this plant.

Popular Live Saltwater Plants for Your Aquarium

3. Shaving Bush Plant

This aquatic plant looks hardy and has long leaves and stalk which resembles pipe-cleaner. It can control excessive nitrates and phosphate. You should keep this plant under good light for better growth.

The plant-eating fish or other aquatic species never eat Shaving Bush Plant. This plant also requires an iron supplement to grow well.

 Popular Live Saltwater Plants

4. Mermaid’s Fan

This plant can live in both saltwater and freshwater aquarium as it is live saltwater plants. Mermaid’s Fan has a short stem and rounded leaf which looks like a fan. Most of the fish don’t feed this plant, so there is no problem in keeping this in a fish tank.

It is a hardy plant but it needs calcium to grow. Mermaid’s Fan cannot tolerate elevated phosphate and nitrate levels. This plant can grow up to 4” (10.16 cm) and it should not be pruned excessively.

 Popular Live Saltwater

5. Halimeda Plant

Another name of Halimeda is Money Plant. It is a common decorative plant for saltwater aquarium plants. A sufficient amount of calcium is required in the aquarium for the growth of this plant. Moreover, it is not invasive and never harms invertebrates and corals. This plant is sensitive to water, and cannot tolerate living in poor-quality water.

 Popular Live Saltwater Plants for Your Aquarium

6. Sea Grass

Sea Grass is found in the ocean in the nutrient-rich environment. This marine plant provides habitat and shelter to the invertebrates and juvenile fish. This plant is one of the important parts of coral reefs. This plant also keeps the water if the tank rich in oxygen. Deep sand bed and organic nutrients are required for the growth of this plant.

 Popular Live Saltwater Plants for Your Aquarium

7. Green Finger Plant

Elongated, dark green and thick tubular blades of this plant spread out from a single rood to a wide display. The velvet surface of the leaves of the plant makes it more beautiful adornment of a saltwater aquarium. It is safe for the fish and other water species because it is not allergenic in nature, and most of the fish breeds don’t eat this plant.

Live Saltwater Plants

8. Maidenhair’s Plant

This is a light-green algal plant that is similar to the tufts of hair. This plant looks similar to Turtle Grass. Herbivorous fish eat the leaves of this plant. Moderate strong water, strong lighting and current are necessary for the growth of this beginner-friendly aquatic plant.

Live Saltwater Plants

9. Spaghetti Algae

Experienced fish hobbyists are familiar with this algal plant because it is a hardy plant and only needs a rich substrate to grow well. The bright green display of this macroalgae looks like a carpet in the bottom part of the fish tank. Some fish like eating algae, so this algal plant is a favorite of all aquatic species who like consuming algae.

10 Popular Live Saltwater Plants for Your Aquarium

10. Red Grape Algae

The red air bladders of this algal plant come from the stripes or branches of other plants. The leaves of this algal plant look like a bunch of grapes that are red in color. The beautiful appearance of this plant is admired by many aquarists.

10 Popular Live Saltwater Plants for Your Aquarium

How to Choose Right Plants for Your Aquarium?

You need to do a little bit of research and understand what is the right plant for your aquarium. Here are some factors that you need to keep in your mind while choosing live aquarium plants for your aquarium.

  • Check whether the aquatic plants fit in the tank or not before purchasing any saltwater plant.
  • Don’t keep sick plants in the tank because they provide organisms that chemically attack other plants by releasing chemicals in the water. The aquatic species are also negatively affected by those plants.
  • Many aquatic plants are allergenic to some fish, so it is necessary to know which plants are suitable for different species.
  • Consider the chemical balance of the water which includes nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, and artificial carbon dioxide before keeping an aquatic plant in the fish tank.
  • Check which fish are comfortable to live with which aquatic plant before making them a companion to each other.

How to Take Care of Saltwater Plants?

Tank maintenance is very important when you are planting a saltwater plant in your tank. You need to follow many factors for taking care of the saltwater plants so that they grow well. Take a look at a few care guidelines as follows:

  • Remove the floating debris in the tank which can harm the plants.
  • Change 15% of the water in the tank to maintain the freshness of the water for the proper growth of the plant.
  • Inspect daily whether the aquatic species are harming the sea plats or not.
  • Check the parameter of the water regularly.
  • Change the filter of the tank once in a month to maintain the cleanliness.
  • Mount strong lighting on the topmost part of the tank for the good growth of the aquatic plants.

Bring marine greenery in the mini ocean of your house where your pet saltwater fish and invertebrates can enjoy well. No need to think much; just follow these care tips to take care of the beautiful beginner-friendly saltwater plants.

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