10 Common Mishaps To Avoid When Relocating Abroad

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Suppose you’ve made the decision to relocate abroad, whether in search of a better quality of life, a stronger job market, or even better educational opportunities; there’s no doubt that you’re overwhelmed with a mix of excitement and a bit of anxiety about the life-altering move. 

Planning an international relocation requires a lot of research. You’ll need to find the best global moving company, book flights in advance, consult your loved ones, and much more. 

Even though most expatriates never regret their decision to relocate abroad, a lot can go wrong in the process of moving abroad. 

So, to ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve rounded up some of the most common mistakes along with tips to avoid them. 

Overlooking Travel Insurance

There’s no doubt that you’re focused on packing and planning the move. However, overlooking travel insurance is a mistake that might leave you in various unfortunate situations. Travel insurance can protect your pocket from instances of trip cancellation, flight delays, and lost baggage and assist with the cost of medical services when you arrive in your new home country. 

It’s wise to evaluate all your insurance needs as a soon-to-be expatriate because your local insurance policies will no longer be relevant. In addition to travel insurance, it’s also wise to opt for moving insurance with your chosen international moving company. 

Choosing The Cheapest Moving Company

Relocating abroad is expensive, so you’re probably looking for every and any way to reduce the costs. But settling for the cheapest international moving company can be a huge mistake. 

It’s wise to choose a moving company with absolute care; compare moving services and read through service reviews to find the most reliable service. Moreover, read through the company’s insurance offerings and processes to ensure your possessions arrive timely and in good condition. 

Leaving Flight Bookings Till The Last Minute

If you decide to book your flight at the last moment possible, you’ll end up spending a lot more on the flight. But beyond costs, you might also be unable to find a flight on the right date if you’ve been leaving this detail for last. 

It’s wise to book flights as soon as possible to get the best deal and ensure you can travel at a time that’s most convenient. 

Visa Applications And Passports

Before you can even start packing and booking your flight, you’ll need to sort out your visa and passport. 

It’s wise to consult an experienced immigration agent to assist with this process to ensure that the relocation process is fast and error-free. The cost of relying on an immigration agent is well worth the benefits that these experts have to offer. 

Not Researching Your Destination

Regardless of what you’ve heard about your chosen destination, it’s essential to do as much research as possible to know what to expect upon arrival. 

With this, it’s also wise to visit the country before relocating for a short vacation. This prior visit will give you the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the country, the locals, and what to expect. 

Not Securing Employment

Even if you’re relocating to a region with a thriving job market and a growing economy, it’s crucial to secure employment before your arrival. You might need to apply for a work visa or work permit to secure a job. 

Finding a job abroad is also a lot easier now than in the past, as remote interviews are a new norm that can help you secure a career without having to fly over for the interview. 

Overlooking Temporary Accommodation

It’s also essential to secure temporary accommodation before arriving in your new home country. Whether you opt for a hotel stay, a temporary apartment rental, or anything else, it’s wise to consider this detail and secure accommodation in advance. 

Switching Banks

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to continue banking with the same bank after relocating. And you’ll find yourself in a financial pickle if you don’t sort out a new bank account before leaving. It’s essential to ensure you have switched banks and transferred your funds before relocating. 

Network Provider Issues

You’ll also find that your current phone network provider won’t reach your new destination, and if you don’t sort out this detail before leaving, you’ll be phoneless until you can sort out a new network provider. 

Moving With Everything Or With Nothing

You’ll need to decide which possessions are worth bringing with you for the move regarding household contents. But it’s often not best to bring everything due to the high costs of international moves. 

At the same time, you won’t want to move abroad with no possessions because you’ll find it a challenge to source your essentials upon your arrival. 

Take time to decide which things you should bring along and which are best sold before leaving.

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