Where Does The Name ‘Tennis Bracelet’ Come From?

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What is a tennis bracelet?

Where does your name come from?

How do I choose a gold bracelet that fits me perfectly?


The tennis bracelet is a basic piece in many jewelers because it is a jewel of simple style, delicate and durable. But why is this gold bracelet with diamonds called a “tennis bracelet”? How can I choose the right bracelet for my type of doll? The theBracelets can be of great help in this regard.

What is a tennis bracelet?

tennis bracelet

The lawn tennis bracelets are delicate and chic bracelets with a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. they’re additionally merely referred to as diamond bracelets. Traditionally, it was a gold bracelet with diamonds, but today, there are innumerable variations of configurations and precious metals. The thickness can also vary, with the possibility of choosing between a thick or thin gold bracelet, with smaller or larger diamonds.

Where does your name come from?

The name “tennis bracelet” refers to the professional tennis player Chris Evert who was very successful between 1972 and 1989. He lost his diamond bracelet, designed by George Bedewi, during the US Open in 1978 . The closure of the bracelet broke, causing the bracelet to disappear immediately, and Evert asked to suspend the game until his diamond bracelet was found. As of that day, this diamond bracelet is known as a tennis bracelet. Many tennis celebrities like Saniya Mirza, wear tennis bracelets.

By the way, the game’s pause did not have a negative impact on the result. Evert, second in the world ranking, won the tournament for the fourth time.

How do I choose a gold bracelet that fits me perfectly?

A gold bracelet is essential in all jewelers. A subtle chain or a striking design? That depends completely on your personal style. If you want to highlight your outfit with different jewels, it is best to choose a simple and discreet gold bracelet that complements your look. Even if you do not use so many gems for an active lifestyle, the tennis bracelet is durable, has an elegant design and is a valuable acquisition. But, what if I prefer to make a striking design? You can choose a more eye-catching gold bracelet that fits more with your style.

Where can I choose my perfect gold bracelet? How can I decide which tennis bracelet I want to buy? Ask the diamond experts at carat pearl for advice on finding the perfect jewel .

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