What is the ideal neck size of a Henley shirt?

Having a Henley in your closet is a must-have. It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, whether it be preppy or punk. The staple can be used as a layering piece year-round. But, like with all clothing, having one fit you well is the key to its success. 

While this isn’t a ground-breaking idea, many men still ignore this concept partly because finding the right size in Henleys has become a convoluted nightmare. Each brand has different measurements and no way for buyers to find a universal size and fit. But despite all the obstacles, we have found three easy steps to make this process easier. 

Step 1: The Basic Size 

When shopping for a Henley, remember that the essential is meant to fit close to the body. So, a baggy fit defeats the garment’s purpose and compromises its versatility. 

Sometimes something as simple as sizing down can help achieve a Henley’s classic look without excessive hassle. The basic principles of a henley are similar to a well-fitted t-shirt. There are short sleeve henleys and long-sleeve henleys, that you can find here: freshcleantees.com/collections/long-sleeve-henley

Both are constructed to be tight around the arms and chest while tapering around the waist to create a flattering silhouette. 

But if you are shopping for a henley that you want to fit you perfectly, we recommend you pay more care and measure yourself to achieve the perfect look. 

Step 2: How To Measure Your Neck 

The key to getting the fit right is not to try out different henleys from your local brands until you find the right size but to pick one based on your neck measurement. Yep, you read that right. If a henley sits correctly around your neck, chances are it will also fit the rest of your body. 

Don’t be daunted by the idea. While we understand that deciding between a small, medium, and large is straightforward and measuring your neck seems like a more complicated process, it really isn’t. 

It is an easy method that can be accomplished in minutes. Start by placing a standard measuring tape just below your Adam’s apple. Ensure you are not squeezing the skin tightly or holding the measuring tape at an angle and that it rests gently against your neck. 

Pro Tip: Ensure you are not craning your neck or squeezing your chin down. You might be unable to get an accurate measurement if your neck isn’t in a neutral and relaxed position. 

Whatever number you get, add 1/2 inch or .5 centimeter to it, which would be your ideal shirt size. For example, if your neck measurement is 14″ or 34 cm, your dress shirt size should be 14½ inches or 34.5 cm.

Step 3: Other Dimensions 

We believe that the core sizing of your henley should start with the neck, but it doesn’t have to end there; other factors do play an important role. The length of the henley is one of the other essential aspects. Pick a shirt that hits you around your beltline. Anything more lengthened, and it might cut you off disproportionately. 

Once you have the length measured, focus on the shoulder. Again, the seam shouldn’t be too tight to inhibit movement but should sit naturally on your shoulders or a little further to create a flattering line. 

And lastly, If your henley fits appropriately around the chest, you will look more muscular and lean without ever having to step inside a gym! 

The Overall Look

Once you have found a henley that fits you perfectly, it is time to learn how to style it. While traditionally, Henleys make key layering pieces, you can effortlessly wear them on their own as well. 

As the weather cools down, wear it underneath a sweater for warmth, and finish with an oversized jacket. And as the weather warms up, pair your henley with relaxed denim and sneakers for a casual look that still manages to impress. 

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