What is picuki com: Advantages, and Details About Picuki app

Social media is just not a word; it’s become part of today’s life. In 2020 a report says over 3.7 billion people are using social media worldwide. In 2021 around 4.48 billion people will be actively using it. There are so many apps that are very popular. Like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. Instagram is a social media platform that focuses on video, and photos. Which was recently rebranded as Meta. In today’s article, we talk about the Instagram editor and viewer picuki app. Picuki allows us to view Instagram without having an account. Users can get the result easily just by following some easy steps. Learn about this app and enjoy Instagram more.

What is the Picuki app: 

Most people don’t know about this. We’ll explain what is picuki, well it is an online application that can allow you to download all photos on Instagram. Picuki is a simple Instagram editor and viewer. It is also called Picuki Instagram or Pickuki. You can edit your Insta profiles, stories, tags, posts, and followers completely free and for an unlimited period. The best part is you don’t need to sign up or sign in. you only need to enter with an ID and download your favorite image.

What user search on Google Picuki

Most of the users get confused with the spelling of the picuki app. Different spellings people search on google. Such as pickuki, picuki, picucki etc.

Picuki vs Instagram

You can get lots of new features that you do not get on Instagram. Here is a list of the features you get from this app.
You don’t need to log in and view someone’s insta stories without leaving any footprint. But on Instagram, you need to log in and after viewing the story the person can see your profile on the viewer list.

Picuki allows you to view dp in full size as well as you can download the profile picture in high quality. We all know Instagram doesn’t allow us to view someone’s profile picture full size and download the photo.

Picuki Features:

This online application has the best features. It is an Instagram editor and viewer. picuki allows you to modify and view Instagram accounts. And it doesn’t track your activities. It is an absolutely secure and free app. The user can check the photos of friends’ profiles. Followers and profiles what they follow. Users can edit pictures online and also download those pictures. Users can also explore Insta tags, and check comments.

Free Download:

Just by signing in to your account, you can use the traditional features picuki free. Using this app you have to be an Instagram member first. Once you logged into your account. After that, you can enjoy the features like Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can search for people and use hashtagging. You can download this app on the google play store.

How to use Picuki?

Here is the process of using the picuki app step by step. There are two methods you can use.


  • To enter picuki com click the URL. to access the online IG tools for downloading photos.
  • When you enter the website after that you’ll get the homepage of picuki. Using this app is very easy. Just enter the other person’s username directly on the site.
  • The app will show you the Instagram associated with this IG account. You will find the person you are trying to find. After you locate the IG account.
  • When you enter the IG account picuki has listed all the photos of the IG post of the account.
  • Then you can browse all the photos of the account. You can find the post and just click download. You can also download it.
  • Since the image on picuki website is in full size. There will be no problem of the thumbnail becoming smaller.


If you want to view Instagram photos with the help of hashtagging. Picuki is known as a popular hashtagging tool. By using proper hashtagging you can search photos, the required person, videos. This is applicable to other social media platforms as well. Like Facebook and Twitter. You can also download those posts. Just follow these easy steps.

  • Access to picuki like prior to tapping the search box.
  • Type in the hashtagging you like to search and click search and then search icon.
  • Above the search results tap “tags”.
  • Then you can see all the candidates of hashtagging are displayed. Tap the hashtag you want to see on picuki Instagram .
  • Now you can see the results. You can see the photos of hashtagging search.

Photo edit process:

The photo edit process on picuki is very simple and easy. This is one of the advantages of this app.  This online application can modify other people’s IG images online. Different IG downloaders can’t do it.

You can apply filters, crop, alter the situation, exposure, contrast, and many more features you will get on picuki Instagram very easily directly online. After you adjust the image according to your choice you can easily download the image as well. You can only edit the images. This feature is not accessible in videos and moments videos. The process is also very easy. First, you need to open the desired picture with picuki.com. Then you get the edit option, and click on it. After that, choose the option that you want to change.

Copy hashtags and caption

Instagram won’t allow us to copy the hashtags. In the instagram app you can only view the hashtags and captions. But you can easily copy captions and hashtags using Picuki, it’s a very useful feature.

Is Picuki Anonymous:

This online application is 100% private. Views are totally invisible to the owner of the profile. They can’t see who sees their picture. Many people have this question: is picuki anonymous? The answer is absolute yes. You can check your profile tension-free. Your personal data, time, date nothing is visible or displayed. Without footprint, you look up photos and stories.

System Problem:

Almost every system has problems. Many users face some problems after picuki search. Like editing problems, loading issues, and also the site is not opening. This happened probably for server load. You can update your app. Picuki has a dictionary too. You can follow the dictionary and solve your problem. This issue also can be fixed by clearing the cache.

Advantages of picuki:

Without having an account picuki can access the media this is the most significant advantage. When some applications ask for sign-in to access photos and videos picuki app doesn’t ask for sign-in. you don’t need to worry about the safety of your account. In picture edit, you can choose any picture and adjust the brightness. You will get the best result. Nobody can view your activities. Moreover, downloading photos on picuki is a safe option. Its absolutely free.

Alternative website of Picuki

Every app and website doesn’t work properly sometimes. If you ever need an urgent picuki app and don’t get proper results. Don’t worry, here is the alternative website smihub.com. You get all the picuki app facilities on this app.

Things you can’t do with picuki website

Things don’t expect on Picuki app. These are mentioned below.

  • You can’t post any videos and pictures.
  • You can’t able to like, or comment on someone’s post.
  • Can’t put a story or tag.
  • You can’t message, or join any live.


Therefore, without signing in, Instagram is not accessible. But picuki allows you to view and upload photos without signing in. who doesn’t enjoy reading or doing something without leaving any footprint. You only need to follow a simple pro size to enjoy this beautiful app. You can’t see the private account’s picture on picuki website. This is a very interesting app because you are not only allowed to see and download the picture you can modify the images online. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly for server load, but this can be fixed easily. It has a controversial question about illegal. However, it is legal. Anyone can use and understand the feature because this app is designed very simply.

Some FAQs about Picuki


1. Is Picuki legal?

Yes absolutely. Browsing Instagram anonymously is also legal. Simple and safe. A safe option for enjoying Instagram.

2. What I can’t do with picuki.com?

Things you can’t do with a picuki app are not setting a profile, can’t comment, can’t watch a live stream, and can’t view the private account’s posts.

3. What can I do with picuki.com?

View posts without a footprint. You can read the comments on the post. You can see the story and hashtag search is also possible.

4. Is pucuki the same as Instagram?

Pucuki is a simple Instagram editor and viewer. You can edit profiles, news, followers, posts, tags for free and unlimitedly.

5. Is picuki.com free of charge?

Absolutely free. There will be no charges included.

6. Can people see when I look at them on picuki?

Nobody can see whom you follow.

7. Can I see a private account?

Picuki does not allow to see private photos and videos . you can only look public accounts.

8. Does picuki have a mobile App?

No. picuki doesn’t have any mobile app. There is no application available on play store. It’s an online website.


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