What Is It Like to Go to Jail

On average, Americans go to jail over 10 million times every year. While this is quite a high number, you might’ve never experienced jail yourself. Or maybe your actions have caught up with you, and there’s a possibility that you might go to jail.

Whatever the case is, you’re curious about life behind bars. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to do some research, especially since most TV portrayals are unrealistic. You want to have all your facts straight, after all.

Here’s what it’s like to go to jail, so you know what to expect.


Before you go to jail, you’ll have either turned yourself in or been arrested for a crime. At the station, they’ll take you through preliminary registration, which includes:

  • Confiscating all your personal belongings
  • Taking your photos and biometrics

While all this information is processing, they’ll put you in a holding cell. They’ll also perform a medical check to ensure you’re healthy. That way, there will be minimal health risks to the other prisoners and yourself.

Going to Your Jail Cell

As we’ve stated, they’ll take away all your belongings, which includes your clothing. This means they’ll issue you a set of prison clothes before you go to your jail cell.

They’ll assign you a cell, which has a bed, toilet, and sink. The cell will be inside a holding area with other cells, and together, you’ll share a common area in the middle. You’ll benefit from public chairs, tables, and TVs to share here.

What Is Jail Like?

You now know the setup of jail, but what is life in jail really like? Well, we can answer that in one word: boring.

As you can see from the above, there’s not much to do or see in jail. It’s very possible that it’ll take a toll on your mental health, as you can feel restless, anxious, and upset. This can be magnified if you have jail mates who are intimidating and aggressive.

The good news is, jail is more of a temporary thing, while prison is more long-term. Most people are held in jail for a few hours or up to 45 days.

Regardless, if you can post bail through a service like Kissimmee.bail2go.com, then it’s worth doing. You’ll minimize your time in jail and will be with your loved ones again before you know it.

Don’t Go to Jail

It might sound obvious, but you won’t want to go to jail (or prison) in this lifetime if you can avoid it. As you can see, it’s not a pleasant experience. Not only is it boring, but it can do a number on your mental health.

At the first sign of trouble, you should get legal counsel. And if it’s too late and you’re already in jail, then try to post bail, as this will get you out a lot quicker.

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