6 Simple Tips On Making the Most of Your Trip To Slovakia

When people think of European holiday destinations, their minds more often than not conjure up images of Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. There is a lot more to Europe than just the countries in which these cities reside, however. One of Europe’s most underappreciated tourist destinations is Slovakia, which borders Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, and Austria. Not only does Slovakia have a rich, ancient history, but it also has some of Europe’s finest hiking trails, making it a great place for outdoor activities.

If you are planning on visiting, then this post will offer six tips for making the most out of your trip there:


One of the first things that you need to think about if you are visiting Slovakia is transportation. If you are going to the nation’s capital city Bratislava (which most people are), then you can get Bratislava airport transfers, which can take you directly to your hotel. The same companies that offer these transfers can also be used to take you elsewhere, over the course of your vacation. You can either speak to the company or to the driver that picks you up, to arrange to hire them for other trips. An alternative to this is to rent a car, although renting a car can be a lot of hassle and if you aren’t familiar with Slovakia’s roads, a nightmare to navigate.

Getting Outdoors

In this post’s introduction, Slovakia’s outdoor spaces were mentioned. Slovakia has some fantastic parks, lakes, and hiking trails for you to explore. If you are adventurous and aren’t satisfied with a brief city break, then during your vacation, consider visiting some of Slovakia’s outdoor spaces. If you are going to go hiking, then it is a very good idea to conduct extensive online research first, so that you don’t get lost. Some of Slovakia’s forests are very deep and you might not get a phone signal in them, so if you are hiking in any of them, you need to know exactly where you are going.

Local History

Slovakia has a history going back at least 5,000 years. If you are visiting, then why not explore the nation’s history? Slovakia has some of Europe’s most beautiful castles. The best of them all is Bratislava Castle, which is located in the capital. If you are going to the capital, then it’s a good idea to go and visit it. In addition to castles, there are also some very interesting towers, and other ruins that are worth visiting. It’s a good idea to get a tour guide to take you to these places so that you can learn about their history of them while exploring.


Accommodation is something that you need to think about. While in this post’s introduction reference was made to Slovakia being underappreciated, that is not true as far as Eastern Europeans are concerned. A lot of Eastern Europeans travel to Slovakia each year for their summer holidays. If you are planning on visiting, then it’s a good idea to go at a quieter time of year when fewer people are visiting, because then you will be able to save money on accommodation. You can get a luxury hotel for a fraction of the price if you visit during Slovakia’s off-season.

City Tours

Reference to tours was made earlier. Tour guides aren’t only available to take you on a tour of the nation’s castles, though. You can also get tours that will take you around the cities and surrounding areas, showing you all of the best tourist spots. If you are planning on visiting, then it’s a very good idea to take a tour, especially if you haven’t ever been before. A tour guide will be able to show you everything that’s worth seeing so that you don’t have to miss anything. Most tour guides in Slovakia are very affordable, but make sure that you book them online, and hire only those with good reviews.

Cultural Pursuits

Lastly, consider visiting museums and art galleries when you are in Slovakia. Because of the nation’s rich history, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are myriad museums, some with very interesting artifacts there. If you are going to visit a museum, then you should leave a donation. Many of the museums are completely free for people to visit, but they rely on donations. A donation from you will help to contribute towards the museum’s maintenance and upkeep.

If you want to visit Slovakia, then you need to plan your trip first. Make sure to think about transport, accommodation, and then the activities that you are going to do when you are there. Doing all of this in advance will help you to have a more enjoyable, fun-filled trip.

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