How To Track the Digital Space of Employees?

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Are you concerned about your business security?

Has it become difficult for you to keep eye on each staff member?

Well, businesses often encounter complications when it comes to employee monitoring. Keeping track of employee performance has always been the talk of the town.

Companies trust their employees with confidential data. Having faith in your staff is great, but companies should not blindly trust their resources.

Certainly, not every employee is a fraud. It is the hard work of loyal employees that takes businesses to a higher level of success. The roots of a successful business are its dedicated employees.

Conversely, lazy and disloyal resources can risk businesses and cost them bad losses.

Always keep in mind that one bad fish can spoil the whole pond. Don’t let a deceiving employee put your business into trouble. Corruption is a menace, and to avoid it all a business can do is keeping tabs on every activity and task performed by its employees.

What exactly is Employee Tracking?

Employee tracking app involves practices that track the online as well as offline activities of resources to ensure that they work properly. Employee tracking helps businesses to find out if their workers are performing well or not.

Every company applies a different method for staff surveillance. Some prefer to do it manually by filling up registers, files, etc. The manual methods of staff reporting require a lot of paperwork.

Today, businesses have evolved with the advancement of technology. Big-scale companies have already started employee surveillance with the help of employee tracking software.

How Companies Monitor Their Employees?

Businesses have various ways to make sure that their employee is working progressively or not. Companies focus on computer monitoring more than anything else. The reason is simple, desktop tracking helps managers to ensure that employees use work PCs for duty purposes.

Organizations always want to stay ahead of their competitors, which needs hard work and a high-performance rate from the employees. But many companies say that employees waste time on other online activities and do not work efficiently without proper monitoring. Modern technology has solved this problem and provide employee monitoring software to make the employees efficient.

The following are some employee tracking systems that are commonly used at workplaces:

  • Biometric Attendance
  • CCTV Cameras
  • PC Monitoring
  • Access Cards

Let’s explore more.

Here is what management can view with PC monitoring:

  • Internet Usage
  • Work Performance
  • Stored Files and Media
  • Browsing History
  • Screen Usage
  • Email Activities
  • And others…


Do you know that work phones also get monitored?

Yes, companies who provide work phones to their employees check the mobile activities of such devices regularly.

Work phone surveillance help business owners to monitor:

  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Sent and Received Messages
  • GPS Location
  • Spy on text messages
  • Emails
  • Gallery and Multimedia
  • Installed Apps
  • Screen Usage, etc.

Some companies install a location tracker in work vehicles so that they can trace the active location of their employees.

If you are a business owner, you must think about how you can monitor your employees efficiently?

The secret to better employee monitoring is the utilization of the best employee tracking tool.

Certainly, management can’t go and check on each employee personally. For reporting and monitoring, companies use business apps that are specifically designed to record the activities of work devices including desktop and mobile phones.

If you are looking for the best employee tracking tool, here are some quality options for you:

  • TheWiSpy
  • Hubstaff
  • Flexispy
  • Veriato
  • Work Examiner
  • iMonitor EAM 


TheWiSpy employee tracking software is the ultimate solution to keep your business persistent. Keep in mind, monitoring someone is a very critical practice. And if you overlook its importance and misuse the authority, you will face some serious consequences. TheWiSpy employee tracking tools help businesses to determine the overall performance of resources. Such systems ease management by ensuring remote employee monitoring.


Hubstaff focuses on productivity and provides a security aspect for the organizations. It allows the employer to monitor the employee’s screen remotely. Its advanced feature timesheet allows the employer to keep track of the billing, tracking, and payroll, which helps the manager to manage the budget without any effort. Over multiple sites, a manager can check the employee’s performance and track the project development through snapshots. Hubstaff is a modern app, and its powerful features make it on top of our list.


Flexispy is the best-known computer monitoring tool, which helps to monitor more than one employee at the same time. The end-user receives the screenshots and live calls and video calls, etc. It is a light-weighted app that efficiently gathers all the data from the target device. If you want only to keep an eye on the employees, then it is an excellent choice because it does not allow you to restrict access to unwanted activities.


Veriato is an AI integrated monitoring app, which lets the manager get the alerts by analyzing the target device activities. This app is popular for its five phases, analyzing, seeing, reacting, watching, and alerting. Veriato let the manager monitor the employee across different platforms, including email, conversations, installed apps, recently visited websites, etc. Its time capsule feature is used to get the screen recordings of the employees and let the employer check if any malicious activity is running.

Work Examiner

Work Examiner provides three main categories, surveillance, time tracking, and web usage control make it on 5th rank in our top desktop monitoring app list. Work Examiner lets the end-user keep track of the most visited websites and how much time the employees spend on those websites. All the received and sent emails can be accessed easily through its surveillance functionalities.

Why it is an exceptional choice? Because it enables the employer to check when an employer comes and leaves the desk and what task she/he has done. The end-user can block specific applications and websites.

iMonitor EAM

iMonitor EAM is a popular desktop monitoring app that helps companies to protect their confidential data and improve the performance of employees to increase business productivity. Now, the employer can take action against any malicious activity and get alerts if they type any specific keyword on the target device. The manager can turn on the target computer webcam and check its surroundings.

If you are new in business, you need to set some rules and regulations to keep your workplace disciplined. here are some tips for you:

Keep a Thin Line between Monitoring & Surveillance:

To maintain a professional work environment, employers must not suffocate their staff members with 24/7 spying. There is a thin line between surveillance and monitoring, companies must sustain. Ethical staff monitoring is the key to keep your workplace disciplined.

Employee surveillance keeps companies aware that confidential data is safe with their resources.

Remember that, you must not get bothered by any online or physical activity of your employee unless it affects the productivity and sales of your business.

Set Strict Monitoring Policies:

You can’t monitor your employees secretly. Companies must develop clear and strict employee policies for employee surveillance. Your resources reserve the right to know that they will get monitored during working hours. Make certain that every resource of your company concedes with your provisions.

If you are thinking to start employee monitoring, the first thing you should do is formally write and present the surveillance policy to your staff so that they can acknowledge the terms. Also, it is a must for companies to mention the purpose and reasons for employee monitoring.

Inform Your Employees:

Remember that, if you monitor your staff members without their consent then they reserve the right to sue your company. To avoid such a mess, make sure to inform every employee about your monitoring policies. Make your workers aware that their office activities are being recorded, so that they become discreet and work with more dedication.

Don’t Breach the Privacy:

As an employer, you must respect the privacy of your resources. Monitoring doesn’t mean that you dig into every detail of employee activities whether they are work-related or not. Always collect information that concerns your business.

Don’t cross the line of violating employee privacy. Respect the boundaries and work professionally.

Block Improper Content:

Everyone is aware that employees get indulged in some extra activities that impact their performance. Social media, games, and apps usage during working hours decrease employee productivity.

TheWiSpy employee tracking tool restricts internet usage by blocking certain websites and content that can affect their sales and production.


Employee monitoring has become a usual practice at workplaces. Every company has a unique way to keep a record of its staff performance. Of course, every business owner wants to accelerate the productivity of the business, but it is possible only when all employees will work properly. TheWiSpy is the best and most effective way of employee surveillance. It has been established that companies that monitor their resources drive more sales and productivity.

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