Top Five Styles of Cute Green Tops for Women

Feeling stuck in a fashion rut?  If this is the case, you’re certainly not alone.  Now that many of us are returning to the office, the need for stylish and comfortable clothes has definitely gone up again.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to feel uninspired when it comes to new trends and releases.

After all, things in the fashion world seemingly change overnight.  What’s super trendy one day might be left in the dust the next.  Sure, we can look at fashion blogs like the one here, but there’s no telling how long the current fads will last.  That’s why a lot of folks have started to instead focus on adding classic staples to their closets. 

What might that look like, though?  Today, we’ll be going over five of the best styles that you can add to your closet.  Green can add a nice pop of color to any outfit!

One: T-Shirts

At first glance, this might seem like silly advice.  Why are we starting out our list with something so basic?  Here’s the thing, though – the beauty of t-shirts is in their simplicity. 

Think of any outfit.  Whether you want to wear a skirt, a pair of jeans, or something in between, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to pair that garment with a simple tee.  In green, it’s an easy way to add that pop of color to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  It’s hardly a secret that clothes can get expensive, after all.

So, while they might look kind of basic on their own, pairing them with pretty much any outfit can work out.  Even on their own, they’re comfortable and can help us keep cool in the summer.

Two: Peplum Blouses

Next, we’ve got a trendy blouse style that’s been all over the magazines like this, the peplum blouse!  Now, while they’re definitely in style right now, we would like to point out that they’re never considered tacky or gaudy.  At worst, they might be viewed as a bit old-fashioned. Of course, because they can come in so many fun prints, this isn’t really a huge concern.  Green lends itself quite well to florals, of course, which is the most popular style on this sort of blouse.  In that sense, these peplum blouses can really work for anyone, especially if you’re looking to add something fun to your closet!

Three: Cotton Blouses

When you think about some of the most lightweight and breathable fabrics, what comes to mind?  If you’re familiar with clothing at all, then there’s a good chance that “cotton” popped into your head.  Simply put, it’s one of the softest and airiest fabrics for clothing out there, and it’s not overly expensive either!

Naturally, this puts it pretty high on our list of the best styles.  Additionally, it can be styled in all sorts of ways.  While button-up blouses are some of the most common, they’re far from the only option that we have available.  If cotton does appeal to you, then you might want to check out this page to get some tips on how to wash it and care for it in general. 

Four: Sweatshirts

Although the weather is warm right now, it won’t always be.  Not to mention, air conditioning can make it quite cool indoors.  What’s better to cozy up in than a sweatshirt?  They’re undeniably some of the comfiest shirts that we can wear, too.

Now, keep in mind that while “sweatshirt” and “hoodie” are often used interchangeably, they are in fact different types of garments.  Hoodies, of course, have the signature hood attached to the back of the shirt.  Sweatshirts tend not to have this.

So – what makes these so appealing, then, beyond what we’ve already covered?  For the most part, it’s got to do with how versatile they are.  Sure, they’re great for lounging around the house, but depending on how you style them, you can even wear them to work!

There are examples of that on The Mint Julep Boutique website if you’d like to see it in action.  Admittedly, much of it will depend on the look of the top in question.  If it’s got a pattern on it or some sort of logo, it might be less professional looking than a plain one.  So, just keep that in mind if you intend to incorporate more sweatshirts into your wardrobe.

Five: Tank Tops

Rounding out our list is a summer classic – the tank top.  How could we write a list like this without including them, right?  They’re a mainstay in many of our closets, and there are plenty of reasons why.

For one thing, whether they have spaghetti straps, no straps, or thick ones, they can help us to keep cool in the summer.  Additionally, they’re great for layering during any time of year!  Put one under a sweater or a cardigan and you can look fashionable but stay nice and toasty when you need to.

Arguably, their utility is even better than the t-shirt, if only because of how inconspicuous tanks can be.  Of course, they can also be used as a centerpiece in an outfit.  There are tons of them that come in all sorts of fun patterns and different cuts, which can add some variety to your wardrobe that you may not even realize you need!

While it isn’t always going to be easy to give our styles a refresh or to find new pieces that would fit in with our current fashion, sometimes it’s a bit of color that can be what we need to feel inspired with our outfits again.  It’s been a challenge to feel motivated in that sense in the past few years, but now that we can finally get out of the house with few worries, it’s time to start flexing our fashion muscles again!

Blouses and tops are always going to be critical parts of our outfits, so it only makes sense to try out new things with them!

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