Top 5 Maintenance Guide for Your Beautiful Alfa Romeo 156


Owning a beautiful alfa Romeo car was once a proud possession for many car owners. Since its launch in September 2001, Alfa Romeo 156 GTA has created a cozy place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. After almost 21 years, if you own an Alfa Romeo 156, you might need to take extra precautions to keep it in its best condition. To help you with that, here is an ultimate maintenance guide for your Alfa Romeo 156. Take a look.

Regularly Change the Oil

Engine oil is the blood of your car. That means if you want your car to run smoothly, you need to change the oil regularly. Engine oil affects many functions of cars, from smooth handling to fuel efficiency. Before you put in any oil change, make sure it is compatible with your car’s engine. Factors like oil viscosity or synthetic or non-synthetic can make a lot of difference in your car’s performance. Whether you do your oil change or visit your nearest service centre, you should know what kind of oil is compatible with your vehicle.

Replace Faulty Windshield Wipers

Wipers are essential to keep your car windshield clean and visible. You don’t want to face accidents due to poor visibility when the wipers aren’t working like they are supposed to. Faulty wipers can affect your visibility as well as damage the windshield too. If your wipers are not effectively wiping the water and dust from the glass and leaving lines of dirt on it, better get it replaced.

Regularly Visit Service Centres

As much as it’s tempting to fix car issues by yourself, you often need professional attention to fix some problems with your ride. But, before you go to any random auto service center, make sure they are qualified to resolve Alfa Romeo cars’ issues. Some cars need special attention when it comes to maintenance. You have protected it from any car issues for so many years, and you don’t want any unskilled and inexperienced auto mechanic to worsen the problem. Make sure you get your car services from service centers that specialize in Alfa Romeo cars so that you get the best service and value for your dollar.

Regularly Wash Your Car

The dust and pollution can form a layer of dirt on the exteriors of your car. With time this layer damages your paint job and leaves permanent stains. That’s why it is vital to regularly wash your car to keep it like it’s new.

At the same time, you need to vacuum clean your car’s interior to remove any dirt and debris from the car floor and mats. Apply polish to the interiors so they look brand new. You can also opt for ceramic coating on the exterior to protect the paint from scratches and increase its lifespan.

Check the Brake Pads

If your car makes a screeching sound when you apply brakes, you probably need to replace your brake pads. Replacing the brake pads will ensure you can stop the car when you intend it to. It’s best to get it replaced by professionals to ensure the best service.

Only true Alfa Romeo enthusiasts would understand the importance of professional care for their car. That is why many Alfa Romeo car owners get their cars serviced by only the specialty service centres.

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