Top 10 Study Abroad Scholarships to be Eligible for

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If you are worried about studying overseas because of humongous costs and increasing international student fees, here are a few opportunities to get funds to cover the cost of your studies at Universities abroad.

1. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Provided to young professional artists for their research or studies, this scholarship is to study abroad in the US.

Entry requirements and admissions differ according to nationality. To select your home country, you must visit the web page of Fulbright Foreign Student Program and at the bottom of the page you will see the dropdown menu where you can select your home country.

2. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Typically lasting between one and two years, the Erasmus Mundus joint master degree program provides you with full scholarship covering your tuition fees and living costs in two overseas participating universities.

How to apply
The students must consult the online EMJMD Catalogue. For more information contact the consortium that offers the Master Courses.

3. QS Leadership for Academic Excellence

This postgraduate scholarship of US$ 10,000 is provided to those students who have a strong academic potential. The student must have the ability to make noteworthy contribution in his or her domain.
The scholarship amount can be used as the tuition fee for PhD or master’s program all over the world.

4. QS Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship is worth US$ 10,000 which is awarded every year to a postgraduate student. This scholarship is given to those students having strong leadership abilities, so they can contribute to a specific cause or community.

To find out other details about the scholarship attend a QS World Grad Tour event.

5. Great Wall Program

To study abroad in China, the Great wall program is subsidised by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The scholarship sponsors, scholars from developing nations who are looking forward to study or pursue research in China or to international students.

To apply for the scholarship or to speak to the National Commission for UNESCO in your own country, with the documents provided by UNESCO apply to the chosen university by you.

6. QS Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is launched in 2016, worth US$ 10,000 for the tuition fees for undergraduates and bachelor’s degree at a university which is featured in any of the QS rankings.

A short essay must be submitted by the applicants on a topic ‘how an inspirational person’ has impacted their life and ambitions.

7. Adelaide Scholarships International

This scholarship covers fees, stipend, health insurance for internal postgraduate students. The Australia’s University of Adelaide offers this scholarship.

The total duration of the scholarship is for two years, master’s degree and three years for PhDs. To qualify for the scholarship fee, the candidate must have an Australian first-class honors degree.

8. Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

Based on academic marks in all subjects, the Clarendon Scholarship is offered to 140 deserved postgraduates every year.

It offers a full ride at the University of Oxford. Automatically you will be considered for the scholarship if you meet the January application deadline for the course you have chosen.

9. Westminster Full International Scholarship

To study at the UK’s University of Westminster and get a full scholarship you must have an international applicant from a developing country and hold a full-time offer from the university.
The scholarship is offered based on the academic merit of the student, development potential and financial need. The current student can apply for this scholarship.

10. International Leader of Tomorrow Award at University of British Columbia

The British Columbia offers this scholarship in Canada. It is offered to the international undergrad applicants. It is based on the economic condition of the student and the academic excellence of the student.

If you apply for this scholarship, you must have a good academic track record, be an international student, should not hold a previous undergraduate degree and validate your financial need.

All the above organizations support the students that have excellent academic record and want to study abroad here are the details of how to acquire scholarship for your studies in abroad. The students who have financial crisis and have potential to contribute to the community and society can approach these organizations.

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