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Zumba was created by Colombian dancer and choreographer, Alberto Perez during the 1990s. It is a fitness program that blends Latin and international music with dance moves.

Zumba’s fun engaging nature has made it one of the most popular new style of exercise, and over 15 million people regularly practice it in more than 175 countries.

Being one of the most popular exercise crazes in recent years, Zumba offers many health benefits. It is essential and an excellent alternative to traditional fitness programs as it provides remarkable result:

  • It boosts your heart health.
  • It tones your entire body.
  • It is famous for weight loss.
  • It improves coordination.
  • Zumba is fun and it makes you happy.

It feels more like a dance party than a workout when you groove to the beats of Salsa or Flamareo, which is something that makes Zumba so popular. Picking up the right clothes for Zumba classes is always a troublesome decision to make. Try to avoid cotton clothes as it makes you feel irritated whenever you sweat. Using moisture-wicking fabric is a reliable option that will support you to stay clean and fresh throughout the session.
Whether it is shorts and t-shirts, or cargo pants, sports bra or a tank top, you should wear whatever you are most comfortable moving in. Here are some of the tips given below for things to wear in a Zumba class:


Try to avoid cotton clothes during Zumba classes. Zumba is an intense cardio workout, and there will be a lot of sweat. It requires a plenty of jumping, bouncing and moving around, so low cut tops would not be a great option to opt. Lightweight clothing for natural movement and sweat-wicking capability is the most important thing to remember during Zumba workout. Either go for tank tops or sleeveless v-neck tops or can choose a sports bra. The sports bra should restrict a woman’s breast from chafing and moving excessively while exercising.


There is an abundance of choice when it comes to the bottoms. Just as the tops, you should need a comfortable bottom for better movement. Choosing Jeans can cause you rashes. You should not wear your work trousers or favorite jeans; you can go for Capri leggings, Haren sweatpants, cargo pants, long shorts or hotpants. It will help you move spontaneously.


Zumba workouts involve a lot of movement in every part of the body. You have to move, you have to bend, and most of all you have to exercise hard and all these will give rise to sweat. Most people often choose to wear thongs instead of underwear. However, thongs can cause a lot of irritation upon getting wet and can lead to infections. Selecting a seamless underwear, that will help you stay clean from getting wet would be a better option over the thongs. So, try to avoid tight underwear and thongs.


Shoes are one of the most important things to take concern of, during the Zumba classes. When it comes to choosing the right shoes for Zumba, you should go with high-quality lightweight shoes that are specially designed for high impact dance. Never use bulky weight sneakers or ones that make it difficult to move. Zumba does have their brand of shoes. One can also try Puma, Ryko, Capezio or New balance; all of them are good for a healthy workout. Remember one thing, always choose the best pair of zumba shoes because unsuitable ones can lead to slips which will lead to severe injuries.

Zumba is a great way to start making new changes in your life. Zumba is evolving so fast in all corners of the world. People love it because it spread happiness along with exercise. Why waste time on any other style when you can achieve your fitness goals just by moving and lurking on music beat whenever and wherever you want. Zumba is fun and live the life in Zumba’s way.

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