Who Is Jeff Tiedrich? The Untold Mystery of Jeff Tiedrich


If you are using Instagram or Twitter since 2016 then you must have seen at least one tweet of Jeff Tiedrich. Now a name is searched on Google so badly is Jeff Tiedrich. In this context, you must have one question that Jeff Tiedrich who is he? So in this article, we will discuss all the untold truths of tiedrich, his biography, family, background, career, personal life, etc. so that you don’t have any doubts. Jeff tiedrich or Jeffrey R tiedrich is a popular musician, political blogger, and graphic designer. He was famous for his music band named the alligator band but after commenting on a negative tweet on the official post of Donald Trump, president of the united state of America, he got more popularity and became known as one of the haters of the tramp.

Jeff belongs to an army family as his father spent 3 years in the Korea war in 1951 and that’s why he has the potential to protest. He was born in Rockaway, New Jersey, America. He protests for the farmers, common people through his blogs. Jeff is also well educated as he completed his graduation in 1978 from parson school of design in fine arts. Now Jeff is so famous that he has 722.3k followers on Twitter and his net worth is Est. $200,000. Not just this, Jeff is being a left-wing journalist for smirking chimp that was one of the fast-rising and semi-satirical websites since 2000.

Jeff tiedrich biography

Jeffrey R Tiedrich is also known as Jeff Tiedrich is a famous political blogger, professional musician, and a graphic designer. He is popular in the United States of America. Tiedrich was getting more popularity from his negative tweets on the Twitter account of presidents of America. He has more than 722.3k followers on his Twitter account and became mostly admired haters of Donald Trump. This multi-talented person was born on 16th March in the year 1957 in the city Rockaway in New Jersey, USA.

He is now 64 years old and 5’6” in height. he is the child of Warren Tiedrich, who is a previous Army officer of the US who served in the Korean War 1951-1953 before discharging, and Joan Diamond Tiedrich, his wife. Jeff was rising like a Jew, with besides his 2 years old younger sister named Ellen plus parents reached Jewish Synagogue holy place Beth Am of Parsippany within New Jersey. His wife’s name is Claudia diamond tiedrich and he has one kid named Katie tiedrich.

Who is Jeff Tiedrich?

Jeff Tiedrich is a famous American political activist, blogger, musician, and graphic designer. He is famous for his mix of policy label-outs, humorous outrage, and personal jabs that seem to reverberate with the political left plus his content is public widely across social media platforms. As affirmed previously, he is a graphic designer and a blogger by profession. Also, Jeff is a famous musician in America. Interpret the last part of this article for full information of Jeff’s professional. But he made the reports for the creature the anti-Trump social gathering. There are so many instances wherever he has gone an unenthusiastic comment on the post of president. Twitter is flooded with Jeff’s unenthusiastic remarks on every post of Donald Trump. The truth, his commentary is forever the first single to come into view on party posts of Trump.

Jeff Tiedrich biography Wikipedia (summery)

The real name of Jeff Jeffrey R tiedrich
Birthdate March 16, 1957
Home town Rockaway in new jersey, America
Profession Blogger, graphic designer, and musician
height 5’6”
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father’s name Warren Lloyd tiedrich
Mother’s name Joan diamond tiedrich
Wife Claudia long tiedrich
Kids Katie tiedrich
Net income Est. 200,000 dollar


Jeff Tiedrich Wikipedia

Jeff Tiedrich is a Graphic Design, Musician, and Political activist blogger, who gains recognition by abusing Donald Trump, the President of the US of America in his every tweet. In this context, we discuss Jeff tiedrich Wikipedia with his early life, career, and personal life.

Early life

Jeff is a very meticulous and multi-talented individual living in the United States of America. During the 1951 Korean war, Jeff’s father died in 2015 after spending 3 years in the army of the United States while his mother supported the family as a responsible mother of the children. Though he grew up in New Jersey, he belonged to Jewish ethnicity and was very sincere to them. That’s why; he was going to the temple with his family. The family belongs to the Jewish Synagogue temple Beth Am of Parsippany. He grew up with one younger sister named elln Wayne tiedrich and both attend Morris hills high school.

Education life

In the primary place, a creature of an armed family, Jeff had a superior living. He attended Morris High school next to his younger sister. The school is in Rockaway inside New Jersey in the United States of America. He graduated in 1975 but before it, he was leaving 2 years before his sister passed the graduation. Afterward, he attended the Parson School of design for graphic designing. At Parson School of Design, Jeff Tiedrich completed the graduation degree in 1978. He held a bachelor’s degree in arts. Later than finishing school, he begins his career. Jeff’s career began by means of music in performance guitar. Alternatively, he also worked as a graphic designer.


We all know Jeff Tiedrich is a famous political blogger. Before starting his career in politics he was getting famous for his music. Alligator band was one of his first bands. This band had six members and he was the guitarist and lead singer.

As a professional musician:

Jeff always loves music and his love for music is very apparent. Kicking off Jeff’s career in music, he continued in 1973 by playing guitar, hoping to turn into a musician as well as to reach fame with his enthusiasm. In a very short time, he obtained a huge opportunity to bond with Alligator Band with six members including many encompassed music artists such as Jon Chazen, Stumpy, Erik Lundberg, Sam Mann, V. Don Bogut III, and Jeff Tiedrich. However, tiedrich was the band’s lead singer and guitarist. He has been performing arts with his crew in several bars and other amusement spots. On 25th May 2009, the Alligator band gave a live performance in a New City bar; the crew has been performing many songs including Simple Man, Rock And Roll, One More Night, and so on. In May 2018 he played at Dogwood under Jay Strauss.

As political blogger

Apart from being a musician, Jeff tiedrich works as a political blogger and he became popularly recognized for his irrational preoccupation with President Donald Trump, President of the USA of America. Ever since the 12 months 2000, Tiedrich has been a left-wing journalist for The Smirking Chimp which turned into a fast-growing semi-satirical website. You may have as soon as got here throughout the political blogger’s tweet towards President Donald Trump. He turned into usually noticed because the primary man or woman who usually feedback on a maximum of the President’s tweets. Gradually, Jeff started gaining human attention, and later on, he turned into capable of swiping in over 250,000 fans most effectively on his Twitter account. Although many humans assumed that the Democrats are the use of Jeff to Trump, Jeff has been a political activist since 12 months 2000.

As a graphic designer:

Last, of all, he is also a famous graphic designer. He has inspired blood inside of him. That’s why he is a successful musician and graphic designer both. During his profession as a graphic designer, Jeff worked with so many clients. Usually, he works as an outworking and designs things for the clients. Especially, his clients’ care for him and wish for again exertion with him.

Personal life

Jeff is fortuitously married to Claudia Long. Here aren’t any statistics on their personal life. Though Claudia is eight years older than Jeff. But age distinction among this couple has now no longer exaggerated their relationship. She is a copywriter, innovative director, and additionally strategist. This couple gave birth to a girl in November in the year of 1991. The name of his daughter is Katherine Chandler Tiedrich. She went to university plus holds a diploma in aerospace engineering. And Katie is likewise a proud founding father of Awkward Zombie, the webcomic happening video games. Tiedrich alongside his spouse lives in Hastings on the Hudson’s. But Katie lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Lastly, the opinion Jeff is around $3 million. In all sincere Jeff makes accurate cash from a blogger, designer, and musician.

Why is he famous?

Though is famous for his music series and graphic design he was getting more popularity after commenting negative tweets on the president of the USA, Donald trump’s tweet. However, his tweets also go viral such as China does not pay tariffs but US taxpayers do; that’s socialism, by the way; there is no Japan deal; farmers are being bailed out by US taxpayers.

Jeff Tiedrich Twitter:

Jeff Tiedrich Twitter account turned into created in 2018, although, he has a former Twitter take care of that accrued greater than 40k fans, the account turned into flagged in 2018 earlier than he developing a brand new one that is his gift Twitter take care of. Tiedrich additionally has forty shoppers being a lively member of Patreon, A platform primarily based totally within the United States that empowers creators with enterprise equipment to run a subscription content material service. He’s being paid 187 greenbacks to get entry to his contents. Now he has 722.3k followers on Twitter and he wrote on his bio that “don’t blame me, I voted for the email lady”.


So, at last, we can say that Jeff Tiedrich is a very successful person who works in several professions and earns money that even we can’t imagine. Being a critic of Donald Trump, the president of America, Jeff is popular in the USA. He has more than 700,000 followers on his Twitter account.

# FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is Jeff tiedrich wife?

Ans. Claudia Long tiedrich is his wife.

Q. How old is Jeff tiedrich?

Ans.  He is 64 years old.

Q. Does he have any children?

Ans. Yes. He has one child named Katie tiedrich.

Q. What is his net worth?

Ans. His net worth is Est. $200,000.

Q. What are his body statistics?

Ans. He is straight.

Q. What is his body structure?

Ans. He is 5 feet, 6 inches.

Q. Why do his tweets go viral?

Ans. When he commented on Donald Trump’s official tweets, his tweets went viral.

Q. His other social media accounts?

Ans. He is also on Instagram.


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