The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend

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Magician Haru passes his tortured days with Leticia, a companion from his youth. Soon, he once had the idea, “This is not an excellent thing,” when he was reprimanding him. And so starts Haru’s quest to discover who he is! Adapted from a book of identical title, “The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend” tells the tale of a man’s struggle to escape the constraints and dominance of his boyhood friend—who also happens to be a hero—for taking charge of his own life.

Magician Haru indicates ongoing abuse and mockery from his buddy Leticia. Besides, Haru wants to rediscover his genuine self since he is sick in such a dark atmosphere. Thus, he decides to live a new life to make his place in the world.

Notable Characters:

  • As a hero – Wizard Haru
  • As a heroine – Leticia
  • Haru’s new friend – Allice
  • Powerful enemy – Demon lord
  • Supportive characters – Saintess, Guild Master

The Plot Of The Manga Comic:

Para 1:

The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend

Letica- what were you thinking, messing up with a small fry like that!?

Haru – Are you Fu*king kidding me!?

– …I’m sorry Letica

– You are sorry? What’s with that empty apology.

– I thought it was a monster at that level, then even a talentless idiot like you would figure something out.

– If I hadn’t kept that empty head of yours would’ve been broken open by now.

– A “Hero” really is different.

– Well, of course.

Haru –  Leticia-San is as wonderful as ever.

– Cut in two in one shot…

– And, to top it off, Letica-San is the youngest hero in history. She’s the top of the top.

– “Hero” is a remarkable title. There are only seven in the world who have received it.

Haru – She even worries about the kind of unreliable Haru. On top of that, she’s beautiful and has such a kind soul. Leticia-Sanis such an amazing person.

– Yeah, she said she was going to look at Haru’s wounds, but were they that bad…?

…But still, Lrtricia-San and Haru-San haven’t come back. She has them all completely fooled.

– Hurry up and apologize to me, our comrades might come and check you know?

– The only one Letica treats poorly is me, her childhood friend.

– Nobody would believe that this is the fact of the hero.

– It stood like this at the outset.

– Ever since she was chosen as the hero, bit by bit.

– Jezz, you are fuc*ing useless. I’m sure she is just letting off stress. But Isn’t serving as my shield and dying the only use you have left?

– Didn’t I signify you to reach on the ground? Hurry up, and put your forehead to the…

? Why are you standing?

– I can’t follow your instruction anymore. -…..Ha…..?

… I won’t


Para 2:

The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend

Leticia – Hey Haru, you are going to fuc*ing talk back to me!? If you don’t want to out of the party, you’ll listen to what I say!!

Haru – Ah, you can report this quest’s completion to the guild. Thought that was always my job. It’s not my business anymore.

– you said it just now, didn’t you Leticia?

Leticia – If I don’t listen to what you say, then I will be “kicked out”.

– Just wait, Haru!!

– The reason I messed up against that small fry, was to see how you fell.

– I can’t anymore.

Haru – …Good bye Leticia. Isn’t serving as my shield and dying the only use you have left?

The Leticia I knew never would’ve said that the girl I knew was already gone.

Para 3:

The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend

Leticia – I have my reasons, well. Can I leave the paperwork to you?

– Even though you’ve been together five years!?

– Haru traitor-san, you left the hero Sama’s party!?

…I got myself kicked out of the party, but it was a bit sudden, but are there any requests for a solo person?

Umm… please wait a moment! Yes… I understand.

– It wouldn’t have been strange if her true nature were told at some point. So, recently Leticia has been treating me like that too often. Thus, this is for the best.

Haru – I’m finally free (Ugh, why am I still worrying about Leticia). What should I do? I don’t have any money. We have a lot of parties but, there are no quests for a single person.

– Traitor-San, I’m Sorry.


Fascinating Facts Of The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend:

  • Written by –  Suzu Miyama, Sugino Kou
  • Status – Ongoing
  • Updated on – 20 May 2023 (03:11 Am)
  • Viewed by – 1.3M +
  • Language – Japanese
  • Genres – Action,  Comedy, Adventure, Harem, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Romance


The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend is a manga series about Haru and Leticia. Haru’s childhood friend is Leticia. But at some point, they had a conflict and were forced to leave each other. Although, many people try to unite them all efforts fail.

However, eventually, they realize their mistake, and they get together again. Finally, they hug and become friends again. This is how chapter 1 of this manga series ends. Moreover, continue reading the following parts, and cover the complete story.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many chapters of The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend?

So far, this manga series has 31 chapters.

2. What is the primary fact of the manga series “The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend”?

Indeed, the manga series is structured around the story of Haru and Leticia’s friendship.

3. This manga series is from which country?

It is originally a Japanese manga series.

4. Who is the author of this manga series?

Suzu Miyama and Sugino Kou are the authors of this manga series.

5. What is the actual progress of the manga series?

In contrast, this manga is 80% talking and 20% actual progress of the plot. And the talking is either “why mc op but no common sense” or Talk no Jutsu.

6. Why was the breakup between Haru and Leticia?

Haru and Leticia broke up due to some misunderstanding.

7. Why Haru wants to rediscover his genuine self?

Besides, Haru wants to rediscover his genuine self since he is sick in such a dark atmosphere.

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