Strategies to Keep Your Twitter Audience Engaged

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Understanding the art of audience engagement is a great way to grow Twitter followers. Your audience follows you because they want to interact, get some updates, and be entertained by you. If they’re unable to get any of these from you, chances are that they will unfollow you.

With the amount of content on Twitter, keeping your audience engaged can get pretty difficult. But we have the right strategies that’ll boost engagement, help you gain some visibility, and attract more followers.

Let’s get right to it.

1. Tweet at the Right Time

Timing is key to keeping your audience engaged. There are an average of 350,000 tweets per day, and yours could get lost if you don’t post when your audience is online.

However, if you have a global audience, this wouldn’t come as easily as it sounds due to the difference in time zones. But you can find your way around this challenge by experimenting. Post at different times and pay attention to your analytics to get your followers’ most active time.

To get better insights, you should publish a tweet every hour for a week. It will help you examine your analytics more easily.

2. Leverage Visual Elements

Twitter is an app filled with a bunch of words. People get tired of reading all day long. Including visual content in your tweets will help your posts stand out and make it easier for your audience to spot you in the crowd.

Using visual posts helps your audience take a break from a sea of words and triggers them to interact with your post. Whether you choose to post a picture or a video, make sure it is both on-brand and entertaining.

3. Keep Your Tweets Relevant

There is always a trend on Twitter. Brands and businesses use these trends to keep their tweets relevant and engage their audience.

If you want to keep your followers and audience up to speed with the latest trends, use memes, gifs, and videos that perfectly fit into these trends. They are more likely to engage with tweets like these because it is popular and exciting to read.

But be careful not to over-stretch it. Hop on to the next trend and get creative with your tweets once the previous trend starts to fade out.

4. Engage With Other Accounts

Engagement can sometimes take the form of a give-and-take relationship. Your audience will engage your published tweets if you engage theirs.

Give them a like, retweet, or comment so they know that the account is run by a human. Proactively engaging in their tweets would force them to reciprocate.

To boost engagement, do not limit your response to your audience alone. You can interact with other relevant users and topics. This way, you can build awareness for your brand and gain more followers while at it.

5. Take a More Proactive Step

Stir up engagement by launching a poll, starting a community, or creating a space on Twitter. Your audience might be willing to join in and converse with people who share the same interests as them. Plus, it helps you get to know them better.


Driving engagement on Twitter might not be the most convenient task there is, but it’s always worth it in the end. To get results, you need to map out a plan, experiment as much as possible, and stay consistent.

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