Stephen Laine, all you need to know about

If you hear the name Stephen Laine, is there anything ringing in your ear? you may be wondering who he is. He is a well-known person in the media circle. He is the stepfather of Vanessa Bryant an Instagram influencer, and former model.

Stephen Laine was born and brought up in the year 1949 in the United States of America. Now he is 72 years old but still, he stays unidentified to the people. He worked as an American inventory manager and also a food company.  He heeds to Christianity from his heart along with his ethnicity Caucasian. Therefore, besides his parents being employees in a mill, there is not much information we get to know. So it was hard for his family to make the ends meet. He did his education online. Then he also did some weird jobs to get money.

#Stephen Laine’s Bio:

Name Stephen Laine
Nickname Stephen
Birthday 1949
Age 73 years.
Birthplace USA
Nationality American
Profession Retired Inventory Manager in a Food Company
Famous for Father of Vanessa Laine Bryant
Marital status Divorced
Wife Sofia Laine

#Early life and Childhood:

Moreover, in the past few years, he suffered from several financial difficulties. No specific information about his parents and siblings. However, he has done some weird jobs for financial support to his family. He finished his schooling online.

#Stephen’s Career and Professional Life:

Stephen Laine is a famous former inventory manager in a food company located in the United States of America.

However, Stephen is notorious for assisting with such community works functions. His intention was never to get into the spotlight. Regardless of this, he became known to everyone because of his daughter Vanessa Laine Bryant, a famous celebrity. She is a famed model. Often she called an active Instagram celeb. Stephen did not agree to the marriage of Kobe and his daughter Vanessa. Stephen also called her daughter a gold digger.

Therefore, Stephen saw his daughter’s marriage as a rapid decision because it was made in a hurry. At that time Vanessa’s age was not appropriate for marriage. And the unfortunate thing happens. His granddaughter Gianna going for a basketball match with Kobe Bryant in their personal helicopter. Due to foggy weather pilot lost his control. The helicopter crashed with Gianna, Kobe, and seven other people. This incident happened on the 26th of January in 2020. Therefore, as per the police records during this devastating crash all 8 people including the pilot were found dead.

#Stephen Laine’s Love Life:

Stephen Laine was employed as a center manager of a company at which Sofia had been working. However, Sofia was 8 years senior there in comparison to Stephen Laine. The couple Stephen and Sofia finally got married and Stephen became the responsible dad of Vanessa. Though he isn’t her biological dad, Stephen nevertheless gave her love, care, and support. Before marrying Stephen, Sofia was a single mom having two beautiful daughters Vanessa and Sofie.

Therefore, when Vanessa was just 3 years old, her mom obtained a divorce. Stephen does not officially adopt Vanessa. When Stephen Laine married Sofia, the daughters were 18 and 8 years old.  Therefore, Vanessa decided to proceed by her stepfather’s last name instead of using her biological father’s last name Cornejo. Additionally, just during her school years, she legitimately made some changes in her title as Vanessa Laine.

The family stays in a house at Garden Grove in California. But they used Stephen’s dad’s address which is located in Huntington Beach. There Vanessa went to Marina High School with his stepdad’s nieces Laila and Sasha.

In Laila and Sasha’s perspective, Stephen Laine and his wife Sofia nurture their daughter in a sheltered house. However, one day Vanessa escaped from there for a certain moment, and this allowed her to meet Kobe Bryant, who was an NBA star.

After marriage, Stephen Laine felt some serious financial issues. Both his wife Sophia Laine and Vanessa Laine were living a very luxurious lifestyle. Due to this, Stephen faced a very serious money crisis.

#Stephen Laine’s views on Kobe and Vanessa’s relationship:

The relationship which Kobe and Vanessa shared was not legitimate. So her father Stephen Laine was quite hesitant. At that time, his daughter Vanessa was only 17 years old. She got engaged to Kobe Bryant who was 21 years old at that time. Because of their age, Stephen Laine was not ready with the idea of marriage. But he attended their wedding ceremony that took place in Dana Point, California. He feels the marriage was a hasty decision.

In addition, in his first few years, he suffered from several financial troubles. This is because both the mother and daughters used to spend money on expensive things. Even after the death of Kobe Bryant, Vanessa remains estranged from her family. However, she had addressed the crowd for the first time after she lost her husband and gave a thought to her relationship with Stephen Laine.

During the speech, she has spoken about the ups and downs of her strange relationship with her mother as well. During this ceremony, people have noticed that Vanessa’s stepdad Stephen Laine was also present. Though after the death of Kobe Bryant and Giana, Mr. Stephen Laine spoke to the media. He told the media that he wished the family well. He said that his heart goes out to Vanessa. After the loss of her husband Kobe Bryant, Vanessa has unquestionably Sofia Laine for her support.

# Lawsuit against Vanessa Bryant

Recently, after the death of Kobe Bryant and Gianna, the entire family faced serious setbacks. The entire episode brings their family into a state of confusion or disorder. During this period, Sophia has claimed that she was supposed to get paid approximately $5 million from her daughter. The media reveals that Sophia already had worked as her personal assistant as well as a nanny to her daughters.

Unlike the media, many people feel it is a harsh statement. People felt quite embarrassed as she demanded money from someone who was mourning after her death. However, Stephen Laine has supported his wife about the statement. He even went one step further to accuse her daughter. However, he told the media that his daughter got married because she loves the money of Kobe Byrant. He also claimed that Kobe refused to sign a prenuptial agreement. Her daughter said that happened because Kobe loves her more than money.

As far as the lawsuit is concerned, the family of Stephen Lainehas a different claim.  They are claiming that Kobe has promised to help them financially. They also claim that Kobe told them that their family would be taken care of. However, Vanessa Bryant is saying that there was no such proposal. She is also trying to use various mediums to prove that her parents are wrong and lying. Vanessa Bryant and her daughters are getting enough support from the public. Stephen Laine and his family have filed a lawsuit and claimed money from her just after eleven months of the death of Kobe and Giana.

#Severe financial crisis:

Kobe announced their engagement at his beloved Vanessa’s 18th birthday party. However, at this point, Vanessa’s family was going through a difficult financial crisis. Sofia also quit her job 2 years back from the engagement as she suffered from an injury that forced her to look for a more appropriate job.

And, only a week after the announcement of the engagement party, Laine’s family moved to bankruptcy. In addition, the bond between Kobe and Vanessa made headlines that gave her fame and changed her life completely.

#Financial help by Kobe

After this severe financial crisis, Sofia demands financial support from her daughter. She gave this statement in court and said she deserves support. Her daughter Vanessa says that she is willingly ready to help her mom and dad by providing them occasional gifts but she will not do it monthly.

#Body measurements and social media

Stephen Laine ‘s body measurements are not known. He is 72 years old and perfectly healthy. The color of his eyes is blue and his hair color is dark blue. He is 5 feet 7 inches and 72 kg in weight. And his pictures are not available on the internet. He is not even active on any social media. He is a very private person.

#A tough divorce of Stephen Laine and Sofia

Sofia and Stephen went through a difficult divorce through Kobe’s rape fees. They went separate ways after almost 13 years of marriage. Consequently, this was very tough on Vanessa since she had been going through her husband’s public rape trial in 2003.

Sofia did not forget to support her daughter in her bad situation. She showed confidence when she told the press that they don’t care what others talk about behind their back and they have a strong peace of mind. In 2011, Kobe and Vanessa were going towards separation. At that moment Stephen Laine came out and told the media that Sofia forced her daughter to get a divorce. Sofia also waited for almost 10 years for divorce. Because of these circumstances, this marriage was considered a long-term marriage in California. And she will get paid for life until she moves on and marries someone else.

Stephen said that this is exactly what Vanessa’s mom told him. A huge amount he should have paid to his ex-wife Sofia. In his perspective, if Vanessa’s divorce from Kobe proceeded, both Vanessa and her mom Sofia become quite rich and he no longer needs to pay them.

#Net worth:

Stephen isn’t socially busy on any social media platform. He’s stayed away from the general public and has kept his life personal. Likewise speaking about his earnings and net worth, he’s got an estimated net worth of about $500K. He also owns a house in California. He lives a comfortable and well-off lifestyle.

#The interesting fact about Stephen Laine

  • Stephen Laine is involved in community services work after his retirement.
  • Stephen did not adopt Vanessa laine. But Vanessa adopted his stepfather’s last name.
  • Kobe Bryant and his granddaughter passed away in a deadly helicopter crash on 26th January 2020.
  • He spent most of the time in his life in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
  • He is not active on social media.
  • Stephen Lain also helps in Community Services Work.


Stephen saw both the good and bad times in his whole life. He is not active on social media. He likes to keep his life private. In his free time, he likes to travel, play football, and spend time with his loved ones. Though Stephen Laine has said a few unusual traits to the media, as a father Stephen fulfills his duty to Vanessa Bryant. He is still alive and quite a strong man being 72 years old. By going through his statements, still we can see that he adores Vanessa Bryant as before. The family drama between Stephen Laine and Vanessa Bryant still going. We have to wait for further information.

Some FAQs about Stephen Laine

1. What is the religion of Stephen Laine?

Ans- Stephen Laine believes in Christianity.

2. Do you know the height of Stephen Laine?

Ans- 171 cm

3. Why did Stephen Laine’s son-in-law Kobe Bryant take retirement from NBA?

Ans- Due to his injuries Kone took retirement from NBA.

4. How many granddaughters Stephen Laine’s actually had?

Ans- Stephen had four granddaughters. Natalia, Capri, Gianna and Bianka.

5. What is the hometown of Stephen Laine?

Ans- Los Angles, California, USA

6. Stephen Laine’s son-in-law founded which company?

Ans- Kobe Inc, New Port.

7. What is the ethnicity of Stephen Laine?

Ans- Multiracial Caucasian

8. Who is the elder step-daughter of Stephen Laine?

Ans- Sophie Laine

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