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Growing up you teased her about her funny hair. You giggled with the boys about the girly bows on her shoes that she loved so much. You even made sure to get dirt in her face as you slid to home base that one-time during recess. Then one day that same girl, you remember so clearly, got the courage to walk up behind you. And as you giggled with your pals over the fact that she had a scraped knee and that she cried like a girly girl because girls are stupid, that very same girl walked up and pushed you down and stood her ground. You turned to hold the tears as to not be embarrassed. You look up at her standing over you then a cool breeze on the recess grounds blows her scent straight up your nostrils. From that day on you carried her books until you switched schools years later.

If you only knew then, all you had to do was take a quick jog then be in a proximity close enough for her to get a good whiff of your natural scent, you could have had her carry something of yours. How we attract and how others are attracted to us have a lot to do with pheromones.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are not to be confused with hormones. Hormones do their part inside our bodies, where pheromones act like hormones outside bodies of people and animals. It is produced inside then released on the outside through secretion, like sweating for instance. Ever wonder why you’re out of breath mate, who just came in from his or her jog, just looks so tempting? It’s not your eyes working; rather it is your nose. Pheromones are the very reason why the thought of sharing that shower is so appealing at that very moment. Pheromones are being released through his or her pours and having an effect on you.

There are many types of pheromones, trail pheromones which relate to food, alarm pheromones, and more. Think of hormones like a wake-up call, making you aware of whatever or whoever is releasing their natural goodness into the atmosphere. It doesn’t take much before you are captivated and in pursuit or vice versa.

Ok, so my sweat can seal the deal? Well, it certainly can’t hurt. It is a natural happening that naturally lures others to you if you get the drift. Simply put, don’t sweat, the sweat.

Of course, walking around sticky and sweaty may be a little too comfortable for appearances sakes if you’re not in the privacy of your own home. We can help. Are you lacking in hitting the home run? Has that girly girl manifested herself in all your dates lately and you feel lost and captivated? Perhaps you’ve been eyeing that sexy brunette the past few nights out and can’t seem to muster up the courage to offer her a drink for conversation. Whatever, the reason, let us help you hit that home run.

Which Pheromone is the Best?

For the best pheromones when you want and need it, Pherazone is the site to shop. They have brilliant scientists who have combined quality, lab-certified pheromones with the world’s leading irresistible, designer fragrances. Their products have high levels of pheromones and have been tested on numerous men and women for the best results which give them the confidence to back their 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

Dust off your little black book and reactivate your subscription to that dating site you’ve been eager to try but never did. This number one rated pheromone will give you an edge that can’t be ignored. You no longer have to fret about nerves that produce sweat when waiting on that blind date. As she walks you know it’s her because you secretly asked your friends to set the two of you up. She sits smiles and well, who’s captivated now? Oh, how the times have changed. You smile, and she does the thing with her hair. Some things don’t change. She then touches your leg. If you weren’t sure it was intentional or not, her purposeful stroke of your hair to your earlobe says it all.

The combination of the perfect aroma and the best pheromones for men is one that will surely increase your confidence, your attraction to women, and the number of your nightcaps. Whether you’re married and need to spice up your love life, have an old flame wanting to rekindle a past encounter, or a bachelor needing an extra boost of courage in the dating scene, the best pheromones are in Pherazone. Entice her without saying a single word.

So if you’re ready to get back in the scene, clean up the bachelor pad, some clean sheets would be great, and keep taking jogs, it too has its own benefits, but most importantly shop for the best pheromones for men.

Please be advised after use of this product, you may experience a growth in your dating plans. We cannot be held responsible for overbooking. Please use wisely and responsibly.

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