Set up a business of print on demand to fulfill the customization needs of your customers

The low cost and flexible business model of print on demand services can inspire creative individuals to become entrepreneurs. The concept of design has changed with time. It no longer revolves around abstract aesthetics but instead embraces the various elements of creativity like quotes, messages, and photos for creating vibrant designs that convey some message to connect with the target audience. Choosing some everyday products like coffee mugs as your canvas and printing some meaningful designs on them for customization needs can translate into good business, as evident from the demand for top-rated personalized mugs Canada.

From backpacks to T-shirts and tote bags to hats and hoodies, you can leave a mark of your creativity on any item and sell it online. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds because the simplicity of the print-on-demand services business model provides the right channel for creative individuals to market the products in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, you will hardly feel the pains of setting up a business as the print on demand services business entails low risk, low investment, and a streamlined delivery system.

Sell your designs

To start the print on demand business, you need to tie up with a supplier of white label products to source your supply of canvases for printing your designs.  The most exciting aspect of the business is that you sell your products on a per order basis and create your brand in the process. It means that you do not invest any money to start the business because you will pay the supplier, which is usually a printing company, only after the sale happens.

You need to do some marketing for your products by setting up an online store with Shopify or Etsy by paying a monthly subscription, which is nothing compared to the investment for setting up a complete infrastructure for business.

The printing company plays a pivotal role

The most interesting aspect of the print on demand services business is the role played by the printing company that executes the order and fulfills it.  In a traditional retail industry, the retailer takes complete responsibility for marketing the products and delivering them to customers by using third-party services for order fulfillment. However, the responsibility for order fulfillment rests with the retailer.

The print-on-demand services model is entirely different because, along with the retailer, there is a printing company involved in the business process. The retailer takes complete responsibility for marketing the products by showcasing them in the online store while the printing company partners with the retailer and shares the responsibility of printing the custom design on the chosen product and delivering it to customers according to the delivery schedule.

From the business model, it will be clear that the printing company shoulders more responsibility than the retailer even though the goods carry the retailer’s brand name.   Therefore, the business’s success depends greatly on choosing the right printing company that does high-quality printing jobs and enjoys solid support from the logistical network for fulfilling the orders.

There are some points that the printing company must have:

  1.  Fast Fulfillment

  2.  Low Prices

  3.  Sustainable Printing

  4.  Drop Shipping

Companies like Print Authority, PrintBest, JakPrints are widespread on the internet with their suggestions and good reviews which can help you find a good option for your business.

How can you make use of the print-on-demand services?

  • Being a low-risk business, low investment, the print-on-demand services gives entrepreneurs enough scope for experimenting. In addition, the model is ideal for testing any new business idea to gauge the market response so that you can scale it up later.
  • Do you have a solid social media presence and a decent number of followers? It puts you in a position to make money from your creative talents by selling them to your followers, or you can play the role of an influencer while maintaining a steady pipeline of your innovative products without worrying about order fulfillment.
  • You can even create original products for niche customers like designing hoodies or backpacks or tote bags for people who are passionate about some sport like soccer, golf, or basketball.
  • You can design a range of products and sell them as gift items or customize them for special occasions as demanded by the customers.

Be sensitive to order fulfillment

Although it is light work for retailers adopting the print on demand services business model, they must be alert and agile to monitor each order until delivery.  It is even more important if the retailer prefers to sell his brand because customers are susceptible to order fulfillment.  Firstly, they like free shipping and secondly, timely delivery. Therefore, check with the printing company about the soundness of the logistical network they use for delivering the items because delayed deliveries can turn away customers.

It needs much hard work to earn customers’ trust, and losing them for some lacunae in order fulfillment by the third party is not acceptable.


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