Say No to Drugs – And Yes to Digital Therapeutics: TV, Phone and Internet

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By safikul

When it comes down to it, there isn’t much man would do to regain the feeling of being in control, and get a good night’s sleep every night. But lately, has it begun to feel as if you’re barely cutting it? As if you’re merely working to survive, that you’re doing the bare minimum, and all the goals of excelling and “doing something” now seem weaker and faded by the second – and this vicious cycle that we are stuck in gets the best of us every single day.

The 21st Century is all about coping and then some. It’s not as desolate as it seems, though. We have our three little buddies with us – Television, internet and phone, and they’re better than drugs. Many of us who silently resort to medication for several de-stressing purposes – anxiety medication, sleeping pills, and antidepressants end up getting hooked to them and ironically, become dysfunctional. Many of the major side effects include amnesia, hair-fall, eating and sleeping disorders and many more. How good is the therapeutic if it’s affecting you so adversely in the longer run? Enter TV, phone and internet, as perhaps better alternatives… Getting your hands on some of Spectrum Double Play providers would be job one, and the rest comes after. We’re all looking for coping mechanisms, and these three digital getaways can most certainly be it.

Imagine Life Without

Imagine working 9 hours a day and coming home to a house without all digital gadgets – while it sounds utterly fascinating to those who wish to remain close to nature, it is indeed a desolating and a dull picture. We have unknowingly adapted to all things digital so deeply around us, that they have become rather important to us, and they actually help us in relieving stress, and maintaining our mental health.

For instance, if you’re upset about something your boss said, and you come home and kick off with a nice, low-key comedy movie, this may certainly ease those jaw-muscles and release those endeared endorphins – as opposed to coming home to a quiet house, and having nothing to do. As much as we would hate to admit our dependence on these gadgets and what they offer us, we cannot make it a day without watching the new episode of our favorite show – we can barely make it without thinking about it. Imagine taking it all away for a second and imagining life without all that – sounds a little unrealistic, doesn’t it?

With good cable and internet services, and access to all sorts of entertainment channels that you could possibly wish to watch.

Inducing the “Sigh of Relief” Effect

Stress and the inability to cope can result in a major loss of control over one’s life. This gives way to desolation and eventually, leading to the dependency of an external stimulant that is responsible for providing alternatives for the “sigh of relief” at the end of the day our mental states so intently rely on. The need for drugs arises when you’re unable to cope, internally, and there’s a feeling of a dark, dank abyss that you can’t seem to climb out of.

Well, as it happens, the three digital therapeutics are just as good as the pill – minus the side effects. Think of one thing that seems to lift you up, and help you breathe deeper – music? Reading? Exercise? Watching movies? Social media? Entertainment? Listening to your loved ones and venting? Writing? Producing and introducing your own music? Well, let us suppose it’s one of the things mentioned above. With your smartphone, access to a good, credible, Charter High Speed Internet, and a television with the remote control in your hand, the “sigh of relief” is attainable.

I, for one, have given in to unconsciousness with the remote in my hand, watching an entrancing movie or reading a book online on my phone. The reason for this being simple: when you get the same bright, funny images and the rush of adrenaline that you might get from a prescribed (on otherwise) drug, minus the after effects and the negative side effects, why not be thrilled about it?

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