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Salesforce has recently released an expanded version of App Exchange with personalization capabilities. This would be a unified marketplace where a seller can distribute or sell their components while third-party vendors can buy those components. These are out-of-the-box lightening components that are not available on the Salesforce platform.

According to the latest updates, App Exchange would help people to find the potential solutions that were not available earlier, take for example Power dialer that will dramatically increase your phone productivity. At the same time, the latest App Exchange tool will help customers by ranking businesses based on different parameters like location, history, activities, profile etc. So, this is clear from the discussion that search results also have been optimized in the latest version.

Moving ahead on the tool, App exchange will offer educational materials too, that would help in developing the apps. For example- if you are working on some mobile app and you need relevant information for the same, then App Exchange will connect you with “Trailhead” where you can access all required details and you will get to know more about Salesforce Lightning tools too. To avail the complete benefits ofthe Salesforce Lightning platform, you should know what it entails actually?

What are the advantages that Salesforce Lightning tools have to offer other than Visualforce?

Here are four key capabilities that Salesforce Lightning tools have to offer other than Visualforce- Reusability, Portability, Easy to use, and Resilient user-interface. Let us discuss on each of the capabilities in brief further –

  • Reusability–Salesforce completely relies on component-based design allows you to use something again and again across different platforms.You can enjoy a dynamic experience with the Lightning platform where components are developed once and deployed across a variety of platforms.
  • Portability –Portability is the most amazing experience delivered by the Salesforce Lightning platform. It does not matter if it is IOS, Android, MAC or Windows. The Salesforce Lightning platform promises seamless user experiences across multiple platforms.
  • Easy to use –The platform offers drag-drop technology that makes app building easier and faster. The same is true for interface designing too, where interfaces are designed once and deployed across various platforms.
  • Resilient user-interface–Besides reusability, another highlighting benefit of the Salesforce Lightning platform is the resilient user-interface. The platform helps developers to design responsive interfaces that can be rendered well instead of the screen size.

Now must be sure about the Lightning tools and how they are beneficial for you. Salesforce updates all of these tools time to time to enhance user experiences. App Exchange is one of the most important Lightning tools that help to achieve enterprise excellence with improved UI experiences.

In brief, App Exchange is the hub where you can access all the details related to Salesforce and Lightning tools. Ultimately, this is a marketplace where you can buy apps, components, data sets or eventually algorithms or bolts too. The new research estimates that salesforce training tools will drive 3.3 million jobs by 2020. Most of the services will be cloud-based soon where details can be accessed remotely anytime anywhere.

Salesforce updates App Exchange with personalization and provides access to out-of-the-box partner components

As we have discussed already, Salesforce App Exchange is the best platform where you can find ready-to-go apps or components relevant to your business. This is thebest bet for the Build vs. Buy dilemma when we discuss the Salesforce tool features.

Most of the businesses use customized apps that rely on the Salesforce platform. This is the best place where you can get reviews from multiple Salesforce communities for better decision-making.

App Exchange is a heaven for B2B apps that can represent any of the industries like gaming, entertainment, sports, kids, etc. Today, the tool contains more than 3000 apps to address business problems effectively. To make the things easier for you, you can also check the ratings of the app in the latest version.

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