How to Run Your First Holiday Dental Marketing Campaign

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The holiday season brings in a lot of business, making it an ideal time for your dental practice to acquire new clients. Besides, holidays are famous for the amount of less-healthy food we all consume, so our dental health might be pretty on the attack during those days. So if commercial businesses are using holiday spirit to boost up their marketing, why not a dental service as well? Creating a holiday marketing campaign can set you above other companies if executed well. Here are some tips on running a holiday dental marketing campaign.

Determine Your Goals

To know if a plan can succeed, you must set up specific goals. Figure out what aspect of your business you want to increase the most, and cater your marketing plan to this goal. For instance, if you’re going to get more patients into your practice, you’ll want to target your plan with potential patient incentives like discounts on products or services. You have to be “seen” as as many places as possible, and to attract costumers by providing benefits directly related to the season – Christmas discount, drop of prices for Easter week, and so on.

Patient Incentives

Speaking of incentives, they are essential for any marketing campaign. Use the latest dental marketing strategies by offering specific deals to your patients – that way, your practice will look extra appealing. One idea is that you could run a holiday giveaway both online and in-person for a cleaning or cosmetic treatment like teeth whitening. Contests are a great way to gain exposure to your practice, everybody likes to be “the chosen one” so they might like to apply for the giveaway and tell friends about it as well!

Monitor Results

As you’re ready to launch your marketing strategy, you will need to monitor the results to determine if it was a success. Google Analytics is essential if you want to track this data as it will give you a detailed analysis of your campaigns. If you don’t have Google Analytics, then have it installed by a dental marketing agency before you launch your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing can deliver quick and effective results. If you have already built up your list, then you’re off to a good start. If you haven’t, then your holiday marketing campaign is the ideal jumping-off point to start growing your list.

Here are other tips for your holiday email marketing campaign:

Focus on design: Emails that have a more aesthetically pleasing design will be more attractive to prospective clients. Take the time to include high-quality graphics.

Be thorough with the copy: Before sending off your email newsletter, you’ll want to ensure that the copy is engaging and error-free. Grammatical or spelling errors can look unprofessional and put off a reader.

Consider your list: You’ll want to research the analytics on previous email newsletters that your practice has sent out, and see which patients read the newsletter. Clean up your list and eliminate anyone who is no longer reading the newsletter.

Social Media Efforts

Social media is one of the most important platforms where you can advertise your Christmas dental campaign. If you already have a decent following, then be sure to update your channels regularly, especially with offers or holiday incentives.

If you want more exposure, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have tools where you can create a paid advertising campaign. With Facebook, there are many specific targeting options you can use to attract prospective clients. If you do decide to do a paid advertising campaign, set a budget, and focus on your best offers or content.

The holidays are an excellent time to enable marketing strategies for your practice. This time of year can get busy, but that makes it the ideal time to acquire new patients.

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