Receiptify- How To Try Out This Latest Trend?

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By Sarah Jay

Receiptify has a similar sound to Spotify, doesn’t it? They are related, though, because you can print off your Spotify playlist in the form of a receipt that you can then share on social media. Melody You’s song influenced this receipt playlist trend. It scans all the songs you have listened to on Spotify, and then it turns the playlist into a shopping receipt containing your playlist. It is widely used because it is not difficult to share it with your family, and friends on social media.

Everybody has a different taste when it comes to music, and they want to share their playlist with everyone. Now instead of sharing their playlist in the typical form, they can share it in the form of a receipt. This receipt format is trending all over social media because of its unique feature.

In this post we will discuss what is this website, how can you try this trend yourself by creating and sharing your playlist, what are the requirements, and everything else.

What receiptify really is?

Receiptify works with Spotify or other music applications, which make a list of the top 10 songs for their users. There are three time-delay options from which you can pick the time period you would like to listen to. The time periods are specifically based on the previous six months, since one month ago, and all-time favorite songs.

If you use Spotify, you should be familiar with the Spotify-wrapped feature. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this feature can be viewed as your year in review. It features the music that you, and other fans listened to the most throughout the previous year. It typically occurs in December, the final month. However, using Recieptify, you can check the songs you listen to the most frequently on a quarterly or even monthly basis, so there’s no need to wait a whole year.

The receipt has a very realistic appearance, and it also has an order number that is obviously fake, and it also includes the user’s name and date. In the receipt, the list contains 10 songs that you have listened to frequently, and under the section “quantity,” the number of the songs is present. Under the “ item” column, the title of the songs is visible, and in the “amount” section, the duration of the songs is apparent.

One of the best advantages is that at the bottom there is a “total” where the durations of all the tracks are. This helps you know how long this list of songs will play.

How do you create such a list?

For creating a customized shopping receipt song list, search for your preferred device on their website. The next step is to log in to your account on the app you are using to listen to music, like Spotify, or Last.FM, or Apple Music. Now the website will ask for permission to utilize your data.

After giving access to use your data, next you will get the option to make your receipts song list on the basis of your song taste. The music taste is analyzed over the period of six months, or just a month, or at times on the basis of all-time favorites. Any alternative you select, you’ll receive a visual of your 10 leading tracks that looks like a receipt.

How to share the receipt on social media?

These are the steps you must follow for sharing your receiptify music list on your social media, and they are:

  • After creating your receipt list scroll down at the bottom you will find a button name ‘download image’.
  • After you have clicked that button the image will automatically get saved in your smartphone or another device you are using.
  • If the download button is for some reason not functioning you can simply screenshot the receipt.
  • In the end, you have to share the image on social media like you share a normal picture. You can upload on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

What are its advantages?

The advantages of this website are:

  1. It is not only user-oriented and friendly but also eco-friendly. The playlist is printed on recycled paper, and it can also minimize the carbon footprint.
  2. It does not limit you to printing only a playlist of your songs but also allows you to print it out as a poster. You can hang the poster in your office or bedroom as it has a unique and stylish appearance.
  3. It is free to use so it becomes easy to try this website. If it had been pricey, people wouldn’t have been as willing to spend to experiment with a trend.

Should you use this website?

This website is only useful for a very small group of people who actually use Spotify or similar apps. So we cannot suggest if this website is actually for you or not. Many people still prefer keeping songs downloaded on their devices, but many also use Youtube to listen to music. In either case, this website is not applicable to them. Some have a  different or unique taste in music to which they feel a very personal connection So they do not see a point in sharing. Not everyone tries to follow what’s in trend. It’s up to you to decide whether this site is for you or not.


Overall, you can say that Receptify is a really contemporary and distinctive way to share your playlist. Receiptify is undoubtedly entertaining to print and post them online. Even though you can merely share your playlist or listen to them instantly anywhere.

This website is completely free to use, and it just helps Spotify gain more popularity. But not everyone should use this website, especially those who don’t have a playlist on any of the big music streaming services. On the other hand, for those who do, it can be a fantastic method to share their music.

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